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To My Sweet Kori
by Chris
Dear Kori,

I have known you for such a long time; this letter if you ever were to read it may come as a complete shock to you, and I apologize, but I must tell you the way I feel. Ever since the 3rd grade, I have been in love with you, and considering we are both 25 now that's a long time.

Girlfriends of mine have come and gone but I always compared them to you and no one could ever quite compare. I have never known someone so beautiful and so giving and so honest. I love being with you. I love the memories that we have shared and you're the only one, Kori, who will ever hold the key to my heart. I've wanted to tell you for so long, and I just couldn't find the right time or the right words. I love you... and that will never change.

You are the most incredible woman I have ever met. You're so outgoing and friendly, and you always have so much to say. You're so sweet and your heart is so big. I have never met anyone with a heart like yours, and I love you for it. You're the type of girl that when you walk into a room, all eyes fall on you and everyone lights up; you're the type of girl that men dream of when they close their eyes at night; you're the type of girl, guys can't wait to bring home to mom, and you're the type of girl, who I myself dream of spending the rest of my life with.

I hope someday I gain enough courage to tell you the way I feel to your face, because losing you to someone else would crush me. I love you, always and forever, Kori.

Love always,


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