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My Love
by Crzy
I still remember how we started talking that night
I wouldnt change it for a thing it just felt so right
I came looking for someone but i found you
I decided i didnt need him anymore after a few
We exchanged YIMs and talked everyday
Like we always had something new to say
We talked for hours and hours on end
nights and nights on YIM we would spend
Then u decided to quit with the game
and i didnt really feel quite the same
we worked things out only to end it once again
and i dated a few other men
Once again i came back to you
cuz none of them made me feel the way u do
so once again it was crzy n nieves like it should be
No one could of been happier then me
I joined up the sites u were on to be as close as i could
but things didnt work out again like they should
u broke my heart and left me for soemone new
and i was lost didnt know what to do
i waited for u with my heart in my hands
and sang to everyone ....and let u know how it stands
and again u came back cuz we knew it was best
and decided to forget about the rest
together we stayed and together i hope it will always be
cuz no one can love u as much as me
no one can make u feel the way i do
no one can make u feel the love i have for u
no one can take the place i hold for u
in my heart cuz our love is so true
knowing how u feel is what i want now
and ill help u,,, ill show u how
cuz nothing and no one can change my mind
cuz no matter who i think im lookin for your the one i find
people talk and they always will
cuz they dont understand the way that we feel
and i dont really care cuz what do they know
about how we feel and try to make us feel low
i know what i want and i know what i need
and ive told u where i want this to lead
cuz i love u and i hope u feel the same
cuz i dont wanna be a player in your game
i went down that road a time or two
and all i want now is it to be me and you
so tell me u love me and hold me tight
be the one i go to bed with every night
the one i wake up to in the morning light
ive said what i needed and i need what ive said
your the one thing i cant get outta my head
so for now im ganna say it ...but i wont be the last
i love you baby ..and ive fallen for u fast
so goodnight my love see u in my dreams
cuz its really love as my heart makes it seam.

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