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What Once Was
by Libby M
The world can pass on by
No one will know I existed.
Many can claim they’ve heard
Me whisper-but they won’t know
If it ever was factual or, just a simple dream.

Dream-I used to dare
I no longer do-Instead
I watch the starry night
As the stars glisten.
I begin to wonder
About the day I once felt alive.

Alive-I used to feel
I no longer do, for he took
All of me-and left me only
With dead memories.
He took away my precious Heart
And laughed as I faced my agony.

Misery welcomed me with open arms,
I should be grateful, For
It was the only place that can take me,
That can help me rest for as long As
I wished.
No one heard, no one saw
It all started the day he chose to walk away
He promised me the world-but he failed
To bring the world to me.

World-Isn’t the place I desire now
Rather heaven-the garden of my dreams.
I long to be there-not here with the rest
That looks like me.

I sigh as million thoughts run through my head
Like the ocean rush-like the cold breeze air passing through.
I ache-My heart aches-the deepest parts of me ache as I think of that day.
I heard you weep-I felt your vulnerability
And I sat on the edge of my bed-hopeless.
I heard you whisper the words so many times-
But I became num after you served me with the wicked truth.
We are over-But I love You still-Please always remember.

Remember-I will only remember You as a shadow-
A shadow passing through-a shadow of the past-
A shadow I barely can recognize-I will only remember you
As a dream-a long wasted dream-
That’s what I will take with me-
That’s what you will become-
Though one thing I will always remember-
And that is, A cheating soul
Will always be A cheating Soul-
It will never be contented-
It’s beating heart will always be searching for
Something more-
That’s what I will always
Take with me, As I will think of You
My dear.

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