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You are Here: Home > Love Poems > Cyber Love > You Mean The World

You Mean The World
by N3mA
When stars twinkle in the Sky
while breeze comes and goes
in this cool weather and dry
I lie on my bed to write this honest poem
hoping I'll gain your eternal love
hopping my words won't lose control
I'll just let them get out from my lips
and in my hands they will fall

and here comes my hand's part
it will write this poem so fast
so those words would last
and here it will start

If I had a chance to say everything here
I'd do it without fear

This poem is a thank you note
may be you'll say it's silly
but believe it or not

I've fallen in love with you
And I just realized I was right
Cos I was assured by my heart
That I love you that much

People always wonder why I care about you that much
It's because you care about me even much more

May be you haven't noticed
But you really have changed my life
And when times get tough
I think of you to get rid of my pain and strife

I can't really tell how I feel
But I can tell that my feelings to you
are absolutely real
Cos you mean the world to me
And I'd give all my life
Just to be with you

If they told me to choose my fate
I'd wish to be forever with you
To spend all my life time with you
Showing my love to you

So I'm just lying on my bed right now
Wishing to be with you
And waiting for that night

And remember If we're far apart
I'll always think of you


When Will that come?
a day I can look into your eyes
and say you mean the world to me

a night I can sleep
and say you'll forever be with me

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