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MY SON....
by Erika Gomez
My Son...

I caught a glimpse of sorrow
on my sons face
And I quickly ran to comfort him
with a reassuring embrace
Not knowing why or what
Just following my heart
I knew my son was hurting
& slowly falling apart...
I can see
Between every smile hides a tiny frown
His suddel cry for help
Right before he drowns...
I walk beside him & hold his hand
& he smiles up at me
As if thinking "She always understands"...
He reached up for comfort, that & more he found
Then I lay him beside me
So safe & sound...
He wakes up early, rising with the sun, but doesn't notice me close by & suddenly I saw the frustration hidin in those big brown eyes...
He may look happy & untainted but for me he lies
If only he knew everynight I hear his cries...
I see the sorrow in my baby boys face
His family has broken
& he feels so out of place...
His days of cheer
are now replaced w/ lonely nights & tears...
His family has broken
& has brought to life his biggest fears...
As he rests his little head
to bed each night
Looking out his window wishes on every star
with all his might
Hoping that will be the night the wishing stars will listen
& his family will reunite...
Holding back his tears, holding on to his pillow really tight...against himself day after day he bravely puts up a fight...
Trying to be strong because he's affraid that he'll do something wrong & lose the only place he feels he belongs...
So I ask him how he's doing
He says "mami I'm doing fine"
But his trembling soft voice he cannot hide
For mami alaways knows when she hears a lie...
As hard as my little man tries I can see right thru him
How unhappy he's become
& it breaks my heart to see him struggling within...
God he's only six
Help me, guide me, so his broken soul we can fix...
I'll do anything beyond my reach just to see him
smile unrehearsed again
& hear him say he's happy for reals
Without having to pretend...
God bring back the life to my childs eyes...
Love to his heart that has fallen apart...
Bring him peace of mind...
Shield him from sorrow
Today & tomorrow & for the rest of his life...
I want my little boy to live his days full of joy & welcome each day as if it were a brand new toy...
I want his days filled with laughter, cheer & happy tears...His years to come full of wonderful memories so we can together reminis...
Lord I pray...
My son Michael may you keep
His broken heart heal
So true happiness again he'll feel...
My little Michael may you keep
Each night as his body lays down to sleep
Love & protect him
Guide him & nurture him
Don't allow harm come his way
Reassure him daily our love is here to stay
Please bless my son w/ life another day...Thank you LORD for my Angel in disguise...for sending him my way...Thank you LORD for now my child no longer feels a stray......AMEN.
To my little big man who has a heart of gold, I'm so proud of you. So young yet so smart & have, at the tender age of six, proven to urself, mami & papi & all ur family & friends, what a wonderful man ur going to grow up to be! You my son where truely GOD sent & you changed my life for the better the moment I discovered you inside of still are...ur in my heart, mind & soul! Thank you baby for being the AMAZING boy that you are. You are more than I ever imagined. Ur honest, loyal, caring, loving, dedicated & determined! All the characteristics of a future AMAZING husband, uncle, grandfather...u have proven that by already being an AMAZING SON, grandson, big brother, nephew, friend, student & overall AMAZING person! I love you so much my baby boy...ur truely one of a kind & I thank GOD daily for blessing me with a son worthy of all the good things life has in store for him...I LOVE YOU PAPI! Love always, Mami.

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