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You are Here: Home > Love Poems > Lost Love > A poem for the heartbreaker

A poem for the heartbreaker
by Pink plastic barbie
Its been a long time
since I've written you a rhyme,
its been a while
since I've seen you smile.

its been days
since I've seen your enlightened face,
its been weeks
since I've heard you speak.

its been forever since it was only us who walked,
its been forever since we've had a heart to heart talk.

its already becoming a trend,
we're only spending time with friends.
i don't want to make it a fuss,
but we never have time for us.

i always dream of your arm around my waist,
and the sweet delicious taste
of your warm and tender kiss,
it is all of these that i miss.

i don't know how you feel,
and if what you say is real.
your emotions nowadays never show,
and now i will never know.

i don't know who you even are,
we're so disconnected and you seem so far.
its me this feeling is haunting,
i don't even know if its me your wanting.

maybe i shouldn't complain,
you too might feel the same pain,
but i guess thats it, I'm all worn out,
i have forgotten love, and what its all about.

you have wiped the smile of my face,
you have made me look so blue,
its only occurred to me now,
that its over and its through.

you were more than just a fling,
it was only yesterday when i almost heard church bells ring.

you have given me the world
well thats what i thought,
i didn't expect you to end up as
something you were not.

with you i could have done anything if i tried,
you weren't worth all the tears that i have cried.

i thought you were different
i thought you would stay,
but you took advantage
you threw my heart away.

we promised each other our trust
and that we would both play fair,
we promised each other our honesty
and that we would both be there.

i found out that you were a man of many faces,
this was just another disguise,
i found out later you were playing me
and you were full of lies.

so why am i writing you this poem? here ill give you a clue,
i cant stand it,
i don't know what to do.

i have fallen for the wrong man,
i have fallen for a faker,
i have done the stupidest thing,
i have fallen for a heart-breaker.

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