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Nothing to lose.
by Adam Murphy
He used to smile
His head was held high
He'd show his teeth white as tile
and look you in the eye
when you saw him you knew
this boy was in love
but the things she put him through..
you couldn't dream of.

She told him she loved him
time after time..
she wrote it in letters
and wrote it in rhymes
but why would you kill
the man that you love
destroy his very will...
drag him to the edge of him limits..then shove

It really didn't take long..
for her to CRUSH him..
She did him so wrong
he wanted his life to end
He should have known she was lying..
in that love letter she wrote.
The one he put in a frame
a frame which is now broke.

And looking at the glass
he See's his reflection
broken and smashed
filled with rejection

What did he do?
To fill her with hate?
He sickens himself..
he knows its too late.
because seeing his face
fills him with rage
hes choking on disgrace
hes at his books last page
and the ink is dull..
its fading away
as he digs his final hole
theres nothing left to say.

He knows ALL her secrets.
He knows ALL her lies.
he can see her soul
when he looks in her eyes.
Thats when she looks down..
to the left or the right
she feels ashamed
when shes penetrated by his sight
because she can see that he knows
every thought in her head
and as the inner girl shows
his heart is no longer red

he picks up a piece of his reflection
laying on the ground
watching as it fades away
and transparency is found..
This frame is like his heart
broken on the floor
the floor which marks the start
to the end of her fall which is no more.
And though he still loves her
She simply doesn't care.
The only thing for sure
is that pain is never fair.

And it hurts too much
Just to say her name
to think about her touch
and remember all their games
and so hes given up
just like she did on him
he's done that to his life
now he's ready for the end
and what better way
then to drain out his heart
though its in his body
she took it with her the day she decided to depart

As he cuts into his wrist
he cant help but think
what part of love was it that i missed
when i had to blink.

It doesn't matter anymore..
blood drips down his chair
a large red puddle on the floor
he no longer has to care..
it really wasn't a hard choice..
it didn't make him sad..
hearing the sound of her sweet voice
reminded him shes all he ever had..
So having nothing
helped him choose..
because when you've got nothing
you've got nothing to lose.

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