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Your New Love
by Libby M
Only if you would like to vote and comment, it would mean a lot to me. Is it okay to feel sane when things dont always work out?

I stood outside my door to breathe into God air.
I watched each car pass me by with its fullest speed
I thought about you and where you could possibly be
Visions of you and her found their way into my mind once again
I realized that you are finally in someone else’s arms.

It pains me to see you gone, but it pains me even more
When I no longer can call you to tell you of how I have been
To cry on your shoulders and expect that you will help me to carry on
I no longer can ask you to listen to how my day went, or tell you
How crazy life has made me be...

It was always so sweet and so gentle when you would tell me
That as long as you will love me, no harm will ever reach me
And that you will protect me till the day you die.
I stand alone and all of the past feelings that I used to feel before you
Came into my life, they all crept and found their way into my soul
I stand alone as I think about your New Love

I heard you in my dreams, I saw your love with this new lady
I wonder what was it that she gave you that I couldn’t give
I want to stop these thoughts, I want to let go of all the pain,
But it’s hard when every time I close my eyes I see your hands
Caressing her soul.

I can’t shout, nor call you to tell you how badly you hurt this old
Aging heart of mine.
But Perhaps You can sense me when you fall asleep tonight.
If all what you have said to me has been true,
Than sensing me somehow will tell you how broken I am
I no longer can
And the thought that I no longer can is softly killing me inside

I stand today alone without you, and all I can hope and wish for
Is that you will somehow find yourself to be truer to this Mother to be
The mother of your child and soon to be your wife...
I wish for you the best, And I hope that you will never do to her what you did to me
I hope that you will remember all the important dates and times, I hope that you will
Never be late for a date with her, I hope that you will never forget to call her
To tell her that you are okay...
Don’t forget all of the important things the way you forgot them with me...
I know you want me to be angry with you, I know you want me to say that I hate you
But do you realize what has been softening me, what has been keeping me quiet
It has been the thoughts of your soon to be born baby.

I wish You the best my once long ago friend, lover, and that once husband to be...
I will wash away into the wind, I will hush away my saddest feelings, I will sleep
In silence and Hope for a better day....

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