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Zachary Arthur Eulo
by Michelle
hello, goodbye.
and everything in between.
life was dealing out this deck of cards,
and I couldn’t breathe.
I was feeling cursed with the notion that life wasn’t fair
and then I closed my eyes,
never aware that anyone cared.
Meanwhile, you were standing right there. Still there for me.
Thick and thin doesn’t even begin to describe
what you have done for,
what you have been there through,
for me everyday.
I’m always here for you.
And now I have a law on my writing
a restriction, another boundary.
and I’m sorry, but baby
there’s nothing that I can do.
But I swear that I love you.
You need to learn to trust my words
My mouth doesn’t lie.
I’m not as fragile now. I’m strong enough to cry.
And now I know it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength.
You taught me why.
And how you always say ‘it’ll be alright’?
every time you say it, I believe you.
even if it’s only on the inside,
I believe you.
and I love you, now I’m breaking the rule
I’m really not supposed to write. Especially to you.
Even though I promise you,
every single word has always been true.

I’m gunna miss you when you’re gone,
but if your going to leave me now instead of later
If you’re going to walk out on this friendship,
I’m gunna need some notice, some time to heal
Cause I am not sure that I could last one day
With out your smile.
With out your face.
You’re the reason I feel this way… everyday of my life.

I don’t wanna fight anymore
it tears me apart
Every time you get mad it breaks my heart
It breaks my heart to see you sad.
It breaks my heart to know that you’re not okay.
I just wish I could fill the space
Where you’re missing something.
I can see it in your face.
I can’t deny your eyes,
At least they never lie…..

And I was always told that best friends are like gold.
But what happened to us?
I’m always being put on hold
For something more important
Something better to do.
And if that isn’t the truth…
Then baby, what’s the truth?
I’m feeling so used.
And I don’t want to say anything
say anything else
but honey this is how I feel.

I’m giving you this poem,
And I’m waiting for the splash.
At the bottom of the well?
All I see is a crash.
Of two kids colliding
Emotions and thoughts
Confused beyond belief
is what I’m feeling.
and you know that I care.
so baby spill your heart out, I’m here to help.
Picking up the pieces when you fall apart. You won’t fall apart.
I’m here for you.
We’ll walk together through the dark.
And all these feelings jammed inside my overcrowded mind
They are all overflowing into these words
That don’t flow at all.
And isn’t that the point?
A poem is like a river,
flowing fast or slow,
doesn’t matter which way you go, it flows.
But as I’m typing and reading and thinking
All I can do is finish this never-flowing poem
It’s for you.
For all the times you cared
The times that you were always there
Every single day
Even if I always make mistakes…
I can count on you, you can count on me.
best friends means what?
cause we don’t have a definition.
the dictionary says so.
no definition for the words that mean so many things.
best friends means?
best friends means?
best friends means
what best friends mean
when they say I love you more then life
more then I love my self
more then anybody else
I guess that’s what it means
too strong to be defined.

This is to the lessons you taught me
and how you helped me heal
from all the boys who thought they could just go and steal
my heart. then throw it on the floor.
thanks to you, I can gladly show all their memories to the door.
kick them out, they don’t belong in my mind.

and I’m rushing to get every single thought and feeling out of my head.
it’s not that easy, believe me.
sewing up this story.
making it end.
I know I take awhile
and a few sheets of paper
to say what I want to say
to say what I mean
I guess what I mean is I’m not letting you go
I love you more then life,
even though I may not show
it in the right ways
or at the right time.
and I promise that I’m trying
I’m trying really hard
I want to make this work.

hello, goodbye.
and everything in between.
baby this is what I mean.
this is what I mean.

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