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Why i Love You Babe
by Marcie
I like the stupid things you do
i like how we talk on the phone for hours
i like your voice and the way you talk
i like the way you stare at me as if i was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, even though I act like I don't like you doing that
i like the way your lips feel on mine
i like the way you get nervous whenever you see me
i like it when you tell me embarrassing things that you thought you`d never say to me
i like listening to you speak Spanish
i like the way you laugh
i like it that your so much taller than me
i like your lips, your smile, and your teeth
I like it when we talk about you being gay, and even though you deny it, i know your secretly curious
i like whenever you tell me you love me out of no where
i like the way you say ?yea?
i like how you like the way I scratch your back
i like how you think that I am so smart
i like it whenever you let me tease you and you take it
i like how when I call you skinny, you say your swoll
i like that you think i have a big booty when i really don`t
i like it when you stutter and mess up your sentences but i still know what you`re talking about
i like making you think hard
i like when your not aloud to talk on the phone you go into the restroom and talk to me until you get tired.
i like whenever I am mad at you, you still manage to make me laugh
i like the fact I can never really be mad at you, and if I am, its not that long
i like when we talk about having a family, and our plans for the future
i like it when you say something sweet and then right after, you say ?I got points for that one right?
i like when you email me at work, even tho you've only done it once
i like it when you get jealous
i like it when we were laying in bed you wrap your arms around me
i like it when you call me babe and baby when we have regular conversations
i like hearing you eat when were talking on the phone
i like whenever your on the computer and were talking on the phone you'll get off just for me
i like it when you email me you say the sweetest things but in person you get shy
i like the fact I can tell you ANYTHING and I know you don't judge me
i like the way you think your ?gansta?
i like the fact you have so many friends and you don't care if I have any
I like having intellectual conversations with you, even tho it has only happened once, I pray we will have more of those kinds of convo's.
I like it how I know when I am with you everything is going to be OK That it all comes down to you. That you support every decision I make, and you love me for me, not because of my background or what I look like or what I don't look like. You have become my backbone, my best friend the only person that has stuck with me through everything, and I really hope that nothing or no one will ever come between us because you're my soul mate and that only person i really can't live without

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