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I Will Miss You Always
by Emilio
I Miss You
Baby I know we haven’t been in the same page lately,
But im missing you right now, and
I really need you back in my life, and
Just because you left me doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore,
I just want to let you know that I will be right here waiting for You,
Baby girl even though you left me I will be waiting for you,
Even though the pain hurts I still adore you,
I was wrong you were right,
I never meant to make you cry,
Im still thinking of you till today,
The pain still hurts inside, but I pray to help me take it away
We both made a couple of mistakes,
but I can’t understand why you couldn’t just wait,
We didn’t have any plans for the future, but we both loved each other,
but now it’s like we don’t even see each other,
I know that you are not with me and it’s probably for the best,
But all the time we spent together I still reminisce,
Just the fact that you are gone makes me wanna cry,
But I know I can’t bring you back,
No matter how hard I try,
Baby tell me why You are the one I miss and think of,
Even though you left me you are the one I still love,
Jessica I think about you every time you leave,
It’s kind of hard because it’s hard for me to move on,
I cry at night because when I sleep I dream of you,
Wherever you go whatever you do,
I will be right here waiting for you,
I love you but tell me how I ended up losing you,
I let you slip through my hands like a bar of soap,
But I never gave up hope,
We were together like a knot in a rope,
But you untied and that’s how our love fell and broke,
I’m telling you I love you,
I wait for you until your back in my arms,
Ever since I lost you I lost my luck, because
You were my lucky charm,
Baby all I am doing is asking you for another chance,
I know the first time I did you wrong,
And now we don’t get along,
I pray that one day you will come back because love is that strong,
Just take a minute and see how things would be in the future,
Always smiling never having to worry about me,
I love you baby there is no way to explain it more clearly,
I’m in love with the person You see in the mirror,
Before I met you, a girl like you was only in my dreams,
Now that I met you it’s like a reality,
I feel like I fell into a world of fantasies,
Every second I spent with you its like I love you more,
You have helped me through my ups and downs like no other,
Every time I see you I see an angel in you,
That’s why im still here waiting for you,
I’m sorry for all the pain I have given you,
If I can take all of it I would be in a hospital,
I hope you know you can still come to me,
No matter how mad you are at me,
Come to me if you need a smile or just someone to hold,

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