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Will You Just Let Me Be!
by Jen Fox
For each step I take
I will think of you
after all your just the dirt
grinding up in my shoe.

How much I hate you now
for all the things you done
for you could never know
because I hate you a ton.

You make my heart bleed
every time I see your face
and my fist tighten
when I think of this waste.

Rage fills my soul
every time I hear your name
anger fills my mind
knowing nothing can be the same.

I'm still building back up
after you tore off all ties
but I tell you it is for the better
because I'm sick of your stupid lies.

Pity yourself all you want
I don't care anymore
but I tell you time heals all wounds
and complaining is becoming a bore.

Your not fooling anyone
when you come to school with your stupid smile
we all can see you're faking
because time takes awhile.

Why do you expect everyone
to look at you as they walk by
your know different then anyone
this is something you don't understand why.

I am not stupid
so quit and leave me alone
quit calling me a stupid b**ch
and live your life on your own.

You are no part of me
your the one that broke all ties
I don't give a damn anymore
I'm sick of you keep saying your goodbyes.

Give up already
because you're really getting me pissed
I don't care what you think of me
so would you learn to let me be.

Stop calling me a b**ch behind my back
your just mad because I now don't want to be your friend
I didn't want to give up but you gave me no choice
so now I gave "the queen her highness" the end.

I'm sick of you
you hurt me more then you think I hurt you
stop blaming me for what has happened
because I'm sick of feeling this pain by the things you say and do.

Why do you even care
can't you just ignore
after all your the one that can't forgive
this is really becoming a bore.

Come up with something new
after all it will just be another lie
but at least you will have something else to do
besides always saying goodbye.

Blah blah
I don't care
will you please just end this now
because I'm sick of you saying I wasn't there.

Stop taking things out on me
this is something you could never see
its the truth though I tell you
so will you just let me be!!

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