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Gazzebo Scenario
by Anna
my first kiss was when i was 15. it was with this guys that i thought only the popular girls could get. he was 16 and he was the funny kid. i first saw him in my science class and i tfell in love with him and couldnt take my eyes of his plaid jackets. but later that day i foud mout that he a as girlfriend and i was really depressed so i forgot all about him. then a few weeks later i found out that he broke up with her. so i started liking him again an i knew i had no chance because he was way out of me league. A few weeks later i was at my house and my dad said that a few of his friends were coming over to help fix our fence and i didnt think anything of it. So later on i was upstairs doing my homwork and the doorbell rang, i went downstairs to get the doodr and when i answered and let him in and as soon as i closed the door the bell rang again and when i opened it i saw him and i couldnt belive my eyes. i was shocked and i ran upsatirs, i started calling all my friends and while talking to them i watched him put up the fence from my balcony. soo to skip to the better dad and his friend found out they needed this speacial part for the fence and they had to go to copenhagen to get it. rerlived yet sad that he had left i went downstairs to get a snack but yet to my surprise he was still there . "hey im in your spanish class" me: "oh ya hi im anna" "i know" ( i thought was an idiot for saying that) Then started to talk and he was really cool and not what i expected at all. we sat in the gazebo and it started to get dark and really cold and he offered me his PLAID jacket. when he was putting the jacket on me and he turned me really close to his face and stared into my eyes for a while and said "you really dont know how beautiful you are" (and i didnt know what to say maybe this was a joke and he was goinna go back to school and tell all his friends what he did and i would be the laughing stock of my school) and then before i could say "funny joke" he pulled me in and kissed me on the lips and as ours lips met the song "oh oh oh its magic was playing. it was the perfect night for a kiss there was a full moon, tons of stars in the sky and music playin it was like a movie.

anna 15 oxnard

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