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My Beautiful J.
by Stephanie
I met him in February.A week and 1/2 before Valentine's Day.
I'd never met a man that actually wanted to get to know me and didn't want
to just have an affair or be "friends with benefits." I had dated more than 20 guys in the last
year and a half because I was so desperate to find someone that would love me for me.
I was looking too hard. I was finding guys that were treating me like I wasn't worth anything.
I let them treat me like that. I let myself believe that I truly wasn't worth anything.
And then I found him. Or more like he found me. On the internet no less. I had a personal ad on and he replied to it one day. I still remember the title of the email he sent me
because it is so ironic now. "Hi I'm Jeremy and I think I'm your man." I remember thinking "yeah right!" "He's
probably going to be another guy that wants to have sex and then move on. But I decided to give it a try and I gave him
my number. At three in the morning he gave me a call the next day. We talked for hours that morning and decided to meet
later that day. I was a little weary and I had doubts like that I wouldn't find him attractive or that he would turn out to be
some maniac. When I walked out the door and saw him standing there I was pleasantly suprised. He was tall
with beautiful blue eyes, light brown hair, a wonderful smile. Right then and there I knew I was going to have
a great night. We spent a couple hours at a coffee house talking about life and our interests and our family.
We drove around the city and continued to talk about our families and we just had a great time. I was content. At two in the
morning he dropped me off back at my place and gave me a hug goodbye and all I could think was "Man this has been a wonderful night."
The next day he called me and we decided to get together that day. That night in my room I was listening to some love songs and he looked
at me and said "would you like to dance?" and we just danced around the room. It was so romantic. Later that night while we were talking he leaned
over and kissed me. I felt butterflies all through my stomach. I knew right then that I was going to be with him for a long time.
A week later, on valentine's day, he told me he loved me. And the day after that we started seeing each other officially. I haven't looked back since.
God brought me the most wonderful man. He's so romantic, so gentlemanly. He tells me I'm beautiful probably 10 times a day. He makes my heart skip beats
everytime he looks at me and I am looking forward to every day I get to spend with him. Thank you!

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