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how i found my true love
by jenna boyd
i was not looking for love because i had just gotten over a broken heart. it was the summer when i was reapplying for college and i was waiting to see my advisor, there he was the guy i had dreamed about but never thought existed. i said i wasnt going to date anyone else unless he looked like nick carter from the backstreet boys and here was jason standing in front of me! he came up and started talking to me i thought he was just being nice i was thinking he is too cute for me. but he and i got along well, we liked some of the same things and our music was the same ,it even came down we liked the same cartoon. scobby-doo. it was like the perfect guy for me too good to be true. two days after we met it was so fast but i felt like i had known him for years, we made love in the rain at the park. it was so romantic. he looked at me without saying a word and i knew he was going to be the man i marry. he asked me to marry him and i have only known him four days. i am in heaven with this man. it is like a dream fairytale come true. i found someone who can match my passion and keep up with me, he loves me as i love him, we can share so much together. we can spend the whole night just talking i love it. i have never met anyone like him i think he truly is an angel sent from God above, there is no other way i can explain it. he is my destiny and he knew when he saw me too that i was his. our love is one that grows stronger and stronger each day. we had our troubles our parents trying to keep us apart, my ex boyfriend tried to break us up, he tried to break up with me three times because of the trouble ,but he said i could never really let go because i loved you too much. we had a miscarriage but found out i was pregnant again, so if it wasnt intended that jason and i to have a child i would not be pregnant again. he and i are getting married soon and i cant wait to be with him forever the rest of my life.

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