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The Color of My Life
by lynne
(by lyn 06-11-02)

We met about nine months ago. Actually, we have been exchanging text messages for quite sometime before we decided to see each other. It was not in fact our first meeting.

I don’t know if he ever remember running into me by the stairs a long time before we had communication. He used to be connected with our company that’s why he used to pass by our office every once in a while (he reported to the other office branch). I didn’t quite remember his face after that. But then for some reason I didn’t know, there’s something inside me, which I knew for sure, could never be wrong. I knew someday, somehow I’ll be able to know more about that somebody. That’s exactly what he was to me that time. Just somebody I didn’t know. A complete stranger. I just knew him by name, and that’s all. But there’s something inside me that was so sure: “I’ll get to know him, too, someday”, I told myself.

Maybe it was just wishful thinking. Or perhaps a dream finally came true.

A guy friend, who knows him, too invited me and our other friends for a quick snack at a fastfood. I suddenly remembered him so I asked his friend why he had not invited him to join us that night. He told me to use his cellphone and text him. And that was it. We got each other’s numbers and from then on, we would text each other and then after quite sometime, he decided to drop by our office and see me.

The moment I saw him (again), there was really no extraordinary or special feeling that I felt. He was so gentle, he reached out for my hand and said “hi”. He was quiet though. It appeared to me that he was some kind of a snob but other than that, he looked shy and very reserved.

That night after, I knew that he’d be a part of a start of another chapter of my life. I just knew it and I was sure.

The next time we met, I was surprised by the feeling I had the moment I saw him again. He might find it ludicrous that I still remember what he wore that night. He was in a yellow shirt and I found him so friendly and warm. We went to Makati and watched “Harry Potter”. It was a long movie, and I don’t know, he took my hand and I laid my head on his shoulder. We stayed that way for the entire movie. And it felt good, really, to have his hands on mine. It felt like I’ve been holding his hands forever.

After the movie, as we walked out of the movie house, I felt that my left leg has gone stiffed and numbed. It was so painful I couldn’t walk. Much to my surprise, he gently massaged my aching leg. And for a moment, I looked at him and I checked on myself, was he really touching me? Was he really the one rubbing my leg that time? He was still a complete stranger, but there he was, his touch alone felt so good it’s like I’ve known him for so long. My leg felt better and I felt extremely good inside.

And that was it. Before I knew it, he had seized my heart and that we decided that maybe there’s nothing wrong if we give it a try. We became a couple at once and I was quite afraid that we’re rushing things between us.

But I liked him. And he told me he liked me, too. That was all we wanted to know that time.

And from then on, he was everything to me. I would wake up each morning and sleep at night with him in my mind. Just the thought of him brightens my mood. There are days when I feel so lonesome but by just the mere sound of his voice, everything in me changes so fast.

We rarely see each other. He works at a very late shift at an Airline Company. I work, too, the whole week and we find it really difficult to see each other. And some people are surprised why we ever survive in a relationship like ours. I just shrug my shoulder whenever a point comes that I get to ponder why am I ever in this situation. It is hard, to see someone so special for just once or twice a month. Doubts even bug me whenever I don’t get to see him for quite a long time. I sometimes cry late at night whenever I am missing him and thinking when we will ever see each other again. I never missed someone as much as I missed him.

Ours is not the perfect type, I know. We sometimes argue and disagree about some things and it often takes me at some point to just decide to say goodbye to him and let go. I don’t know, but I just can’t. I need him still, and even as I wonder, the mere thought of letting him go kills me inside. And I chill deep down to think where I’ll be if he’s gone.

Funny or overly pathetic as I may have become, I have already learned to live my life with him.

He is indeed the color of my life. I could never believe how I was able to live my life before. So dull and lifeless. But now that he’s with me, everything I see is in its brightest shade.

I just realized now that although I was unaware, he has already touched my life the very moment I saw him at the stairs. He has been a part of me since then. All the while, I was keeping him inside while I didn’t know he was already making his portrait within my heart.

We have been together for almost seven months now and I don’t know and I’m not sure if we’d ever stay together forever. Life is a constant change. And people change, too. But if ever time comes that we have to say goodbye to each other, in the future, I would still be happy to look back that at some point in my life, he has become a part of me. Life has never been this colorful to me, just until he came and painted my world.

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