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by april
The story of the love of my life...
One day I was sitting in class on yahoo messenger, not doing what I was supposed to be doing looking at the online profiles.
I came across his profile in a chat room, but I didn't want to say anything to him cuz I thought to myself I wasn't pretty enough
to talk to him.Then the next day I was online again and saw him, but again I was too scared to talk to him, he also had a girlfriend.
So for the next few months I just followed him from chatroom to chatroom, basically stalking him.
Then spring break came and I visited my friend Crystal from Amelia,VA. I came across his face again off of some website, visited his and
signed his guestbook, which I didn't usually do.
The next day came and he had responded to it and then he started talking to me on yahoo. I got so excited and kept repeating 'It's him, It's him, I can't believe he's TALKING to ME!
**NOTE**This happened on Valentines Day**
He said something about going to a show in Winston-Salem, and of coarse I made plans to go there immediatly.
Me and a friend went to Winston-Salem to the show, and he came up to me at the end of the show. In about 5 min. of knowing him he was
giving me a piggy back ride. About a week after that he broke up with his girlfriend.
But then he started going out with this girl that did not realize what great gift she had gotten. Oh well her loss my gain.(HA-HA!)
She was really horrible to him, but I never said a thing to him about it, I was just there for him thru all of the bullsh*t.
After 3 months I finally got what I wanted, now he is mine.
I never knew that love could be so grand.We've been together for 10 beautiful months.
I wuv him so much! He is truly my everything.

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