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A Dream Come True
by C. Moody
A little over a month ago I was fixing to sign off of the internet and I was looking around on a matchmaker service. I saw a girl who looked interesting so I wrote a little one liner "Sup girl? I'm Chris maybe we could talk sometime." We started talking some that night and later decided that I should call her. Well we talked on the phone for hours and it was perfect. We wanted to meet in the summer and we were both looking forward to it.

We talked every night and I freed up my schedule so I could go spend a weekend with her and meet her Mom. We talked every night for two weeks before we met and every night we got even closer and were in love before we had even seen each other. Well I got up early one friday morning and drove 6 hours to her home town. This was the first time I had met anyone off the internet, but it felt so comfortable.

I waited at a restaurant for her to meet me there and I was a little anxious but when I saw her that all went away. We hugged and our smiles were stuck on our face. We went back to her house and talked for a while and it was just fun hanging out together. We kissed probably two hours after we met and since then we haven't gone more than an hour without kissing each other. That same friday night we were laying together and talking and we said "I Love You" for the first time and it was the perfect scene from a movie.

That was the best weekend of my life. We still talk every day and night and I have been back to see her and it gets better every time. We are in a very serious long distance relationship, but we know that there is a lot more to it than just a normal relationship. And it all started over a one line email. I met the love of my life online and I don't know where I would be without her. She completes me and gives me something to smile about every day no matter what is wrong. I Love You Erica.

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