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Clearing The Confusion
by Sheila Haukaas
Imagine, being locked away in a room for 2 years. Noone to talk to, or noone to listen. It was just me, my radio, and poetry. My mom who I rarely visited volunteered to drive me to school, one morning. we argued all the way to school, which was 20 minutes away. Spending so much time alone make's you think about things, it enhances you as a person, because you get an idea of who you are. and one thing I knew about me, I became this cold person because I had no love, and I couldn't help that. I was late, and was walking to class. replaying every hurtful word my mother said, to me in my mind. trying to pretend it didn't bother me, even though it was tearing me up inside. in one uncaring glance I happened to look up into this classroom, I'm not sure. what he was doing he was looking at something on the wall by the door. He looked at me, with so much shock. I could see him smiling, and I couldn't help myself and I just smiled back. It was like we we're in our own world, and I just felt this incredible feeling, I was flattered in a way, but also amazed by how gorgeous he was. He had the most bright, luminant blue eyes. I've never seen.... him in school before, but I knew I couldn't just let that feeling go, un noticed. I went to my mathclass, and could not stop thinking about this guy I've never seen before, I was just surprised by how I could not notice this guy, because he was gorgeous. I thought I should wait before asking around about him, i didn't want to rush into things. I mean what we're the chances of him, and me. I knew I was just a simple little sophomore. The class bell rang, and I grabbed my book's feeling dissapointed in myself. I usually walked to my grandma's work after school, I felt somebody watching me, and i turned my head. In another perfect moment Zach was riding passenger in a black truck, looking at me. I looked back at him, and we made eye contact again. There was just something there, too powerful to ignore. 2 week's later I was at the 'pool hall' playing a game of pool with my friends, after I was done taking my shot, I turned my head and saw him standing there. with that crazy little grin. he asked me out right there, and we've been seeing each other for 3 years. He accept's the fact that I'm waiting for marriage, and he's helped me cope with all of my issues. He's been there ever since, the first day. and... I've never been unhappy since then.......

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