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Never Ending Love Story
by Just Love
This love story is about a boy who is and was besotted in love with his classmate.I am from not rich familly,boz I m son of farmer with meagre monthly salary, but enough to live comfortably in village area.I was staying in beautiful village, but my home was quite away from village. My village was 5km away from main city. I learnt unto 5th standard in my village school. I changed two schools till 5th standard. First school was in my village and second school was in my uncle village, which was just 2km away from my home. My parent were bit careful about my education, so they removed me from that village school and admitted me in other school which was up to 10th std near to main road of city. I was living like bumpkin boy who can get noticed by slight sight from rest of the people. Hey don't interpret me wrongly, as I was quite handsome than my other friend. My behavior was bit different from them. I was of quite nonchalant nature and never used to take care of my appearance and get up. My friends always used to laugh on my every style starting from walking to dress style, but I never took them seriously, boz they never had the power to imitate me when I am present. They used to backbiting, boz I used to stay idle from them, as it was my distinct nature. When I joined the school, I was like a bird that has recently learnt to fly in the sky. I used prefer go and come back from school alone instead of having many contemporaries on the same way to school. I used to muse and sing song whichever I was loving at that time. Many time, I used to compose my own lyrics and sang all the way. My this school was quite long 5km away from my home and had the raw way which was going from cluster of long, thick bush of tress. In monsoon season fun used to be double. There was no single day we are not drenched in rain and that was making me jubilant.
Let me come to the point or main story. I needed to make you all acclimatized about me. I think, it’s all necessary to understand me better and my story. I never had have the experience of story writing. I ‘m completely naïve in this matter. When I read some love stories on web, it intrigues me to have my own story on web. I thinked, that I should narrate mine also.So plz, pardon me for my any mistake.
On the very first day of school someone stolen my heart and never could take it back. She was in my class and used to sit in front row. We didn't had the benches to sit, so we all had to sit on floor. She was so beautiful! I had never seen the girl beautiful like her till I got her glimpse for the first time. She was white in skin color like a daughter of opulent man. I always craved to see her face, boz she had a green vein on her right cheek which used to make me crazy to look at her all time. My love about her got increased, as days got passed. She was quite reclusive nature like me and used to mingle only with her few girlfriends. I remember one event happened that day which I never will forget in my life. One day she was coming out of our class and I was going in when I accidentally got struck to her shoulder. I felt several current in my body and that make me feel like, I am flying in sky without wings. For few second, I was like dumb having no sensation. That accident happened for the first and last time after that, I never got chance to touch her. I didn't know that she is daughter of one of the teacher who had recognized as “Hitler” of that time. He was well built and 6 fit man. My friends were feeling fear to face him and used to remain absent when they have done something wrong. When I got cognizance of his identity and history, I got crushed by my emotions. Our school was very conservative. It never had tolerated any indecent or mischief behavior about anyone. All things were like against me. Everyday a big wall was getting higher and higher in between us. I got terribly feared when we were to shift in 6 std, as there was rumor that they were to split our batch in another division, but it didn't happen. We didn't had the benches to sit in 6 std also. Things were hard here than before, boz the floor was made of cement which wasn’t furnished well and had the rocky surface. She used to sit as always on front row near the desk of teacher and I used to sit bit behind of her leaving two rows.Sometime our eyes used get notice of our intention that was instilling my love with her. I was noticing that was not only me who used see her but also she used to see at me intermittently.But, Neither me nor she gave facial gestures of approval. My love about her was getting crazy, as the days were passing. I used to study a lot, but some bad things like not eating at the time of exam, be late to exam, bad handwriting so many were the reason to have low grades than toper of class. Always, I remained in competition with topper of class and they also with me. I think, all these studies and all were just to impress her of me. I never used to miss a single chance to see her. Her father used to take couching classes but, I never had intuitive to join that. Who knows, that could have been in my favor to get in touch with her. We were growing now and my friends also that was making addition in the list of her lover. My friend used to discuss about her and I was to be furious on them inside of my mind. But I was helpless, as I never had divulged with them that I love her. One day our school had organized a science day wherein everybody had the chance to flaunt their scientific knowledge. She had participated in. I didn't participate in that. Everybody had the chance to ask participatant about "how did they made their stuff"?. But I was like dumb man. I asked everybody but not her. Why did I? I don’t know. I felt like, I am the dumbest man in the world! My heart always used to tell me that she also loves as much as I love her. One day that got cleared. Once I had done one of the silliest thing in the class and my teacher was making joker of me in the class. Every classmate was laughing amusingly on me except her. She was sitting silent as she is feeling bad about me. Her reaction on my besmirched image was like reward for me and for my love. I think God was benevolent on me, boz up to 10 std we remained in same class rather I would say he was interested in making climax of my love that gona to torture me of my whole life. When we were in 10th std things got more critical that makes me to depart my way away from her. One of my classmate got close to her. I don’t know weather she was liking him or not, as my classmate got the position of monitor of the boys and she was of girls, so they two had to interact with each other and might have been that reason to be close to each other for them. But, I think she never loved him. He was the only person who was making matter bigger. He was doing that boz he wants to be recognized in class and make other lover to get away from her. Everyone used to discuss about their relation, but neither I had seen them together sitting in remote place of our school nor chatting for long time. I would rather say, he had broached the matter with our classmate to be close of her. That was their role which used to entails them to be together. But, these things broke my heart, so badly that I was hesitating to be in school, boz she was the only reason for me to be in school. If any of day she didn't come to school, I used feel like that my one day has been wasted. I desperately used to be in intensity to have her one look. Her image was like imprinted on my eyeball. Everything which I was doing, were to show off just for my love starting from grooming my hair to pasting white powder to glow my skin of face. I was madly in love with her. If in this condition someone got to know that another is getting in touch with his beloved, what will he do? But for this condition of mine, the sole person who was responsible was none other than me. I couldn’t do anything than just scolding to me for bad ending of may love. I assume that both of them were liking each other, so it is better to depart my way away from their life. My love was same for her as before, but I always used to feel that she is not of mine anymore. My 10 std exam was coming near and I had to be prepared for that, so I started bunk the class till board exam. I remembered the last day of school when I had seen her, she was going to her home and we friend were sitting on raised part rock out of our school. I didn't got her well look, boz when I came to know about her she was quite away from me. This is the one among the mesmerising event which I still remembering that and will forever. After that I never saw her in school area. When our board result declared, I secured 10 rank in whole school. She had got lower rank than me. After that, I never got chance to see, but one day I got chance. My classmate was in one of the college which was coming in my way to reach my college. My friend was standing on pedestrian. They stopped my bike by raising his palm of hand. We friends were chatting when one of them pointed his finger to upper side of his college building to show his class location. When I looked up, I cached her face from number of other girl immediately. She was looking more beautiful than before. I seemed like I am seeing her just after the few second. I couldn’t stare at her for long time as there were other girls which exactly looking at me. I couldn’t get to see the vein of her face for which I was mad. She noticed me but didn't show any curiosity that demoralizeed me and again I looked down started my bike and whisked away ignoring that I will have to wait eon to see her again. It is not like, I couldn’t contact to her through my friend to convey my feeling to her that how much I am loving her. I could tell her easily, as one of the my village girl was friend of her. I don’t know, what Character do I have? What type of man am I? I never got up early to come near her college just to have her glimpse, as her college was coming in my way to my college. After that, I don’t know what happened to her weather is she staying in the same area as before or have been shifted somewhere else? She was residing in one of the bungalow which her father had taken when they shifted from their hometown to here. This bungalow is near to main road from where I can see the bungalow, but I don’t know weather she is staying there or not. When I was in college, I wrote her name on each bench of college keeping faith that some day she will be there and will notice her name that someone is there who love her lot. I wrote her name everywhere whenever I felt that I should write it. And still I am writing her name with same faith when I have turned to 25 age of life. I can't say accurately that I recall her in my mind everyday, but I think there would have been few day when I might have forgot her to remember her, rather I would say her memories don’t give up my mind and heart. Whenever I am alone, I remember her. It gives me a type of solace in my drudgery life. Her face is just been trapped in my eye. When I feel about her, her beautiful image comes in front of me just like replica of her. I don't know where is she or is she been married or not or is still single? Whenever my friends discuss about their girlfriend, I miss her. Whenever a beautiful girl comes in my way it reminds me about her. Sometime I feel that I am mad. I am loving a girl who I don’t know love me or not even exist or not. Is she has same feeling as I have? I have doubt that If any of day she will cross my way, will she recognize me or not?. I have doubt, but still I love her and will love forever. It was my first love and at that time, I hardly had the knowledge about alphabet of word "love". Now, I have girlfriends, but I could never give them her place, I don’t know what will I do for her? But memories of her still help me to relive tension and make me to go in the days of my childhood which I enjoy most. I belive, she had the same feeling about me, as I had about her. She might have been married, but If she express her feeling that she had me, will enough for me to spend my life on these words. I will always have qualm of my coward behaviour which never gave me courage to tell her my feelings. I thinked, I have time and I will tell her later when I will get opportunity or perfect time. But it never walked toward me and I lost the game of love. Now I think that I never had that courage to confront her my feeling. I would not say that it is one side love story boz my heart says that She also loved me, as “heart never lie”. Whenever I think of my trounceed game of love, I blame myself, boz that was me who was solely responsible for failure in the game of love. Don’t fell bad of my new term of “game of love”,boz I think.If I had taken my love as game,I could ‘ve succeed in that. If I think rationally, I would blame to the atmosphere where I grown up. It wasn’t in favor of me. I was like buried in the piles of custom of my conservative family.I don’t know, why am I posting my love story on web? But my head is paining. I want to release the pressure which is mounting on my heart. I don’t think that someone will help me to relive or something by give lame excuse or whispering cliché proverb. It was my first love which derived me crazy and forced to do silliest things which now I could just imagine to do. Now I have become quite introverted and recluse man. I have few friends, but no one of them is my best friend. I am working with a renowned company living my life in direction where it moves me. Sorry friends, I forgot to tell you people her name. Her name is "Sulochana" and don't feel strange, if your eyes cached this name written anywhere.Sorry, I 'm keeping my anonymous to all of you.You can e-mail me on....on my below mentioned e-mail ID---

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