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Real love
by Deb
It all started my junior year in High School. As i was walking to school, some guys in a black car stopped to talk to me and one of them was my friend. He told me if i wanted to go with them but i said no cause i have to go to class. Then a week later my friend tells me that his friend that was driving the car thought i was pretty, but i didnt know who he was.So i just left it like that. So then i saw the guy that like me and i thought he was pretty cute too. So then i go to my art class and i could feel some one is looking at me and it was him. So i smiled at him and smiled back.Later on we started talking so i gave him my number. He never called me but i would always see him at school and he would always talk to me. So then on a wednesday on march 1, 2000 i saw him and he walked me to class and i kissed him. I felt embarresed but i know he like it. So then we went to the movies and he asked me to be his gilfriend i said yes.We going out for 1 month and he just wouldnt have time for me or call me. There was this girl that he would always talk to at school but i never thought wrong about that. That easter weekend he did not call me, so i tried calling him but he would not answer me. So then i called him from another number and he answered and i told him that if it was better if we both went our separate ways he said it was up to me.So o took it as a yes. I was so sad, then some friend of mine calls me and tells me if i was stilling going out with him and i told him no. He told me that he had seen him with another girl before we broke up. so he cheated on me with that girl from school. It seemed like i was going to be nothing without him. I still had to see him everyday in class. So then his friend told me that if i would at least be friends and i said yeah. So he told him and he called me and said sorry. I gave him another chance but i knew i was still hurt but all i wanted is to be with him. That whole summer we would stop talking and get back together again. I knew he would go out with other girls but he would always come back to me. during the summer i left out of town and he said he was going to miss me. I thought that if i would leave for some weeks i would get over him but now i came back and my cousing told him i was back. SO he called me and said he was coming over, iknew deeply inside of me i really wanted to see him. So that night i told him that I LOved him and he just looked down. So ever since that day he never called me back again. So then school started again. Then i had him for another class and that is how we started talking again but just by phone. I knew i wanted things to be different. It was always that we would talk then all of a sudden we stopped talking. But no matter we would end up back together. I would always here that he would go out with other girls. It would hurt me when they would tell me but i could never be mad at him. So then Feb4,2001 on a sunday he called me and imvited me to the movies, so we went we had lots fun then out of nowhere he told me that he loved me it took him almost a year to tell me he loved me. My eyes got watery but i was so happy. Then that whole spring we would talk and stop talking like usual.So then in May that year i was going to graduate and my plans where to leave out of town for college but i didnt tell him cause i thought we werent going to be talking. So all that month we spendid togther it was like we got really close to eachother. Two days before i was leaving i told him i was going to leave for good. He just put his head down and said i understand. It was really hard for me to say bye to him. So then i left, then we would talk once in a while and write to eachother. So before i started school i decide to go and visit him and my family. SO i did and i called him and he kinda sounded excited. He said he would call me later so we could spend some time. So that day never came. I was so sad and i would just cry. So i left and then his birthday was coming up pretty soon and i just didnt no if i should call him. So i made a promise to myself that i would just call and say happy birthday and that is it. SO i called him and he answered and i said happy birthday and he sounded happy to hear my voice. I just told him i would call him some other time, he just stayed quiet. So that whole day i was thinking about calling him so i did and we stayed talking for a while. Ever since that day we havent stopped talking. I went to go visit him in Chirstmas and New years and it was the best. He tells me that he really thinks we are going to stay togther. Ever since the first day i meet him till now i have never kissed no one else.
we are already going to have two years together. well valentines is coming pretty soon and im going to go visit him but he doesnt know. All iknow is that ilove him very much.

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