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The Love of My Life
by Joanne
Talk about fate and destiny!
My love story begins like any other~I found my first love when I was 13, he was 14 (the year of 1981)and oh! we had a wonderful love and thought it would never end. But it did and I moved away but not without promises to go along with my move.
We promised each other that we would get married when I got out of high school( the year of 1986), all he had to do was come for me.
Years went by and as my graduation was approaching he phoned me to tell me he was coming~finally all my dreams come true. Again our love was wonderful!! But then something happened and there was somethings I needed to deal with so I could not marry him and we went our separate ways.
Then there I was wandering through the last 15 years of my life wandering aimlessly through a bad marriage and always thinking there was something more for me.
Then one day I was on the pc and I found my first love of my life and he wrote me an email, we talked im, and I even went to visit him.
It was then we both had realized that we both had failed marriages and needed something no one was giving us.
That was a little over a year ago. Today he and I are living together and have realized a long time ago that true love really does exsist and we have the truest of love for each other.Unconditional, undying, and never ending.
You see we believed we have always loved each other truly through these past 15 years. We are unable to spend any time apart from each other. The love that he and I share is untouchable, no one can come between us. Our love has withstood the test time of time and has lasted through separation of 15 years.
So if there is any one who does not believe in fate or destiny~I can tell them they are wrong......He and I are proof!

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