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It must be love
by Josh
Three years ago a girl came to my church with one of my friends. She was kinda short and was very cute. I had always been bigger than everyone my age and didnt really pay much attention to her. I am fifteen now, and that girl is the first person that i have ever really fell in love with. I played football my freshman year of high school, and at one of the varsity games i saw her. She was...well,.. all grown up if you know wut i mean. I had just broke up with my girlfriend and was single again. I started to talk to her and found out that she had a boyfriend on the football team, which really got my hopes up. So all we did was talk and catch up on things. I left that night thinkin that i was never going to see her again. Well, the next friday night i saw her at another game. Right when i walked in the gate she gave me a huge hug. I was overwhelmed. I didnt know wut to say, so i just said hey and walked away. I was standing with my friends when she walked over to me and asked me if she could sit down with me because she was tired of her friends. I said sure. So we talked all night long. Finally she asked me if i liked her. I didnt know wut to say. I thaught that she might say, "well, i have a boyfriend and i am not interested." but i told her ya, anyways. She told me that she liked me too and that she wanted to break up with her boyfriend. I was so happy. We left the ball feild that night and i didnt even get her number or anything. A couple of weeks later i overheard her boyfriends little brother saying that his brother and girlfriend broke up. So i asked him if he new her number, and he said no. But there was another guy that heard me say that and he said that he new her email adrress. So i went home and emailed her and asked how things where going. She emailed me back the next day and gave me her number. We talked for a couple of weeks and then i asked her out and she said yes. We have been dating for 8 months. I have had more fun with her than i could have ever imagined. She is absolutely perfect for me.

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