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A second Chance with Mr. Perfect
by Hottie Audie
On my 13th birthday, I was introduced to Shane. From the very moment I laid eyes on him, I had a crush on him. But finally I kept telling myself it would turn out like all other crushes: no results, just empty feelings and I would get over it soon enough. I went away for the summer and came back thinking things were better now. my feelings were pretty much gone. one look at him after 3 months sent all of that flying away, and i liked him more than ever. So I spent the year flirting and talking about him my friends, who at the time all thought he wasn't cute, and was just weird. They told him I liked him, which was the worst thing for a kid at the time, and i was so embarassed. but what surprised me was he didnt run away like all the others. He was more friendly after it. yet being the complete shy girl that i was, I would just say 2 words to him, turn bright red, and run off. this went on throughout the year, and one day I found out my friends were "madly in love wit him and wouldnt stop til he was theirs" it made me so angry. they knew i liked him yet they would talk endlessly about how he would call them and hang out with them. I was jealous, but I knew it wasn't my place to tell them not to like him. they can do whatever they want, so I supported them. I supported them while they bragged, and shoved it in my face. one day, coincidentally the day before my 14th birthday(one year after i met Shane), i heard from a friend that Shane was going to ask my best friend out, the one who constantly said she hated him until she became completely obsessed. i cried. i cried for 3 days, until the day he decided to do it at the dance. I watched him ask her to dance. I watched him ask her out. I watched them hold eachother. I watched him walk away and say goodbye. I supported my friend, i was happy for her. but also angry. not because she was living my dream, but because she chose to hide it from me, and not even say anything to me about it. She thought I was at the dance solely to break it up. and that hurt deeply. i thought they would be the happiest couple ever, live the life i wanted for over a year, and they would live happily ever after. 2 months later I was at the movies with a friend. I got home to see that Shane's gf had taken "Shane's Pretty Little Princess" off as her screen name. I asked her about it and found out she had dumped him, the one thing she promised never to do to him(shane was different, he was hurt so many times before, it was hard for him to trust. it took him 7 months to ask out this girl and she kept promising him she would be different, and finally, he trusted her. and she did this),, and not only did she dump him, but she dumped him for his best friend, and dated this friend WHILE dating Shane. I was soo angry at her. I could not believe she would hurt him, i knew i would never do that to him, and i knew this wouold make him even more suspicious to girls. i talked to shane, i told him i was there for him, and we hung out at the movies. we were more like friends again, and it was not awkward anymore. I was so happy. I knew i wouldnt ask him out right away, if ever even, because i was giving him time, and respecting his space. 2 weeks later, we went to the movies. Pearl Harbor. the same movie i saw and loved, on the day the girl dumped him. during the film he asked him questions, just the regular flirting thing. he asked me who i liked, and i told him to tell me his first. finally, as i looked toward the screen, he leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and said "it's you." he asked me out and before the night was over he gave me my first real kiss. I was in heaven. My dreams were finally coming true. Now here I am, 9 days away from our 11 month anniversary, more in love than ever. Shane is Mr. Perfect. every girl's dream. sweet, strong, sexy, nice, caring, loving, trustworthy, the type of guy every girl dreams of. the guy who thinks all men are scum and goes out of his way to be different from the rest of them. which he is. It's almost been a year, and we have not been in one single fight. not one. and he still can not stop apologizing for dating my friend. he tells me he loves me every chance he gets, and I am never letting this one go. Shane. I love you.

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