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Falling In Love With You Makes Me Happy
by Heather
I know that I am still young and have alot more of life to experience but, I don't think I would want to experience it all without Andrew. Andrew and I met this May(2002), for the first time in college. That same night him and I didn't really talk to one another but, later on the both of us agreed that we were both interested in one another. For about the first month we were dating and spending much of our time together.

Everyday with him was so great! We never fought about anything because, we had sooo many things in common to do with music,writing,and life.And the fact that I told him I would never cheat on him like his past relationships had. Because, I say for myself, when it comes to LOVE in my life I tell no lies of what I truly mean.

Not even 2 weeks into our relationship, Andrew told me that he "Loves Me" and I told him "I Love Him" too.
But, after all the fun and great memories. Andrew went back home for the weekend to go to a friend's B-day party and after he got back and came to my place he was all depressed. Because, at this party he saw his ex-gf(of like almost 5 yrs and she was the one that cheated on him). He told me just seeing her face brought back alot of bad memories and unsolved things that confused him.

I wish there were something I could do to make him believe that all his bad relationships before me, I wanna make him in some forget about those. I wanna make him see that I would never do anything bad to him, especiall NOT cheat.

Andrew is caring,affectinate,and loving towards me in which no guy I have ever dated in my short lifetime(and believe I've dated many,many guys)has.

Andrew gives me the respect that I deserve and I treat him with the same, he is truly one-of-a-kind. I know its probably to early to tell but, in my heart I know that I will love this man for the rest of my life and show him that there is a girl out there, and that is ME who can make him the happiest he's ever been. I just wanna take things slow and build a much stronger relationship with him through time.

*Sorry I probably babbled a bit, but, there is so much more to this story* Thanks For Listening!

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