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April 20th, 2005 Spring Love
by Shanyce
I always had a little crush on him and obviously it grew into a big like. The thing about my secret crush, he was very shy and has very bad vision, so he didn’t have a clue who I was, so I thought it would be better to keep my crush to myself. My friends thru a cookout and I really didn’t want to go because I really wasn’t in the mood. But my best friends was like girl you betta come on and get out so I went. It was right on my block too or should I say right down the street. And I didn’t know that he lived on the same street as me. So when we really first locked eyes on each other was that time. Theres a thing about me, I hate dogs, and his dog is a very big rocwilder and it so happened to be that he was giving the dog a bath in his driveway as we was walking by. And when I said hi to him the dog tried to come after us, but luckily there was a gate there. I ran and then he laughed. I walked back to the gate with my friends and they told him to come to the cookout. It kind of took him a long time to come and I was getting kind of worried. Then he finally came. He sat right next to me, and it sent shivers thru my back. He had some fake icebreakers in his hand you know the generic kind and he said that he didn’t want them anymore so I made my move, and I asked for them. I don’t know how people saw the connection but I swear it was about 6 or 7 people that came up to me and said to me like WOW!!! I think yall really made a connection, just the way yall looked at each other. And I sat next to like whole cookout it was so nice. Then he left and my friend Natalie came tome and said He’s a keeper. But we didn’t talk after that until April.
So on April 19 I got in to a big fight with these two girls. And the girls told me that they would be back up to the school, so I played it smart. To be honest with you I really wasn’t thinking about the girls that were trying to fight me. So on April 20th, I told the whole school about my day before but really didn’t intend to start more drama. So I went to my crush and told him what had happened. I didn’t want to get him involved so that’s not the reason why I told him that…I just wanted to make my move. So I went to him and said so are you going to help me after school and everything and he was like of course
I will help you....OMG! OF course the girls didnt show up and he walked me home. Then he gave me his number on a dollar bill. I dint think that he liked me but the next day he wrote me a note and he said that he loved his girlfriend from Jerzee. And ever since then we've been inseperable and thats why I call this April 20th 2005 Spring Love

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