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love at first type
by Alexis Monetti
This is a true story about how I met the man of my dreams. Over six years ago, when I was a mere 13 years old, my parents had went away to Canada, leaving me with my grandmother. Since I was expected to watch my little sister so that my grandmother wasn't bothered, I stayed home a lot and talked to my friends on AOL, since I had only gotten it a few months earlier. Some friends and I started our own chatroom to hang out in called "MusicalTheatreMajik" in honor of the class that we had all met in. All different sorts of people would file in and out, and we'd all chit-chat, but it was mostly just for me and my friends I already had to hang out and all talk at once, without going through the hassle of all getting together, which was difficult because of our young age, and the distances between our towns. One night, a guy with the screen name DreamSiva came in the room, and started talking to all of us. He and I became fast friends, and would talk all the time. I later learned that his name was Charlie, and he was from Jacksonville, Florida. That's approximately a thousand miles away from me, in suburban New York. He was a bit older than me, and had just turned 15 at that time, and I was to turn 14 in a couple of months after that. Over the years we became very close friends, and even though he would disappear for months at a time, for hacking the AOL website, or some other nonsense, he'd always come back and make contact with me. After a couple of years, we exchanged phone numbers, and would rack up large phone bills talking to eachother long distance. We became even closer, and I started to become quite fond of him, although I knew I would never meet him. He was always there for me when I needed him to be, and I was always there for him as well. After knowing eachother for about 5 years, we thought perhaps we'd contrive to meet. Our first few attempts failed miserably, from either extenuating circumstances, or perhaps just plain nerves. We both wanted to finally see the person who we considered one of our best friends face to face. We had been exchanging photographs for years, but it's just not the same. Another year passed, and we started talking on the phone quite regularly, and we decided to give it another go at meeting. This past August I was to go on a cruise with my family to Mexico. Our cruise was scheduled to leave from Tampa, FL, and we wanted to spend the weekend prior to the cruise in Tampa, and go to Busch Gardens and just have some fun. Tampa is approximately 3-4 hours from Jacksonville, so Charlie and his best friend Greg drove across the state, and met us at the airport. It was the most amazing feeling to finally be able to look into his eyes as we spoke. We stood there in the middle of the airport and just hugged and hugged. We didn't want to let go, just stay there entwined in one another's arms. It was then that I was able to admit to myself that I was definitely in love with him. He spent the weekend with us, and even stayed at the same hotel as we did. When he kissed me for the first time, it was like a spark of electricity coursed through my body. It was like everything that you read in those sappy romance novels that I love. I would cry and wish that real life was like that, and that something like that would happen to me. It finally has. I am 20 years old now, and am about to graduate with my Associate's Degree. I'm going to transfer to a school down in Jacksonville to finish up my teaching certification. Charlie wishes to study graphic design, and when we are both finished with school, we're going to move back up to New York together.

Alexis is a student at Nassau Community College, and will be graduating in May 2002 with an A.A. in Liberal Arts - History. After graduation, she will be transferring to either JU or UNF to pursue degrees in Secondary Ed. - History, Musical Theatre, and Psychology. She is a vocalist, and enjoys acting and dance.

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