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Forever Love
by Sonya
Well, I met Alex about two years ago. I was never really into coming online much and going into chat rooms, but one day I was really bored and I decided to look through buddies that I could chat with on AIM. I noticed this guys screen name and thought it was cute so I decided to read his profile and come to find out I couldn't stop laughing. He reminded me so much of myself so I imed him. I was having such a great time talking to Alex, we talked for three hours straight and thats something I've never done before. Well it went a couple days before I talked to him again but in the mean time I couldn't stop thinking about him. It was all so weird to me, but then I started coming online alot more and continued to talk to him. Well it was his prom night about 6 months after talking and I was really bummed out cuz I knew I was really starting to like him. I sat home on the night of his prom and at about 10:00 pm , he signs on and IMs me. I was alittle confused as to why he did this cuz he was suppose to be at prom having an awesome time, ya know?! He IMs me, and tells me he's fallen in love with me. He came home from his prom early because all he could think about was me, he told his prom date just how he felt and left her the keys and just came to me. I was so surprised at first I didn't even know what to think but I told him I loved him back because I knew I did. Well this past April 18th, it's been our one year of being together. Everything has been so great, yea we've had our ups and downs but we're ment to be together. In a month or two, I'm gonna go see him..I'm excited!! :) But don't ever let anyone tell you that it's stupid for online love, I'm glad I didn't believe it cuz I've found my soulmate. I love you Alex

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