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Secret Love
by Brown eyes
We work in the same company and we are both married to different people. He admired me and was in love with me for 4 years but only shared this secret with his friend. His friend always told me how he felt but I did not take it seriously becos I was committed to my marriage and I knew he was married. The only thing I used to do was greet and never had a conversation with him. I never felt anything for this man. So my friends decided to go out for xmas lunch before we went on holiday and he joined us.He couldn't believe that I actually spoke more than 2 words to him. And I never new how this man across the table felt for me. The things that ran thru his head while I innoncently sat there talking to him and not knowing he is my type, the man of my dreams. We spoke about our families and work. After lunch I gave all my friends a hug and him. It was something for him.So when we returned in the new year, we started sending friendly emails to each other.
During the emails I picked up that this man felt something for me and it came directly from him and I started getting attracted to him.
He made me feel special. He complimented me and told me lovely things. I felt so good, so loved and appreciated but I did not tell him that becos we took each other as friends. I was attracted to him. So he asked when will I make him coffee so I invited him to my office. We started talking and i felt something falling for him. He phoned me and told me to listen to a song that was playing on the radio station "one in a million" which he dedicated to me. The words in that song really touched my heart and I fell in love with him. I found that very romantic. I never thought i would fall in love again since I am married for 10 years and he is married for 12 years. Never did I feel so strongly in love with someone this way. There was something very special about this man that I couldn't resist. But i waited for him to tell me that he loves me. 2 days later he told me that he is in love with me and for 4 years. I was over the moon and I told him I felt the same way about him. I felt like a teenager in love and he felt the same. He confessed his love for me.He is so loving, caring, romantic, dedicated and just too adorable for words. We know each other for 2 months and we are madly in love and love each other passionately.
He sends me emails expressing his love and that really touches me. I love him.
We have such a beautiful relationship. Since we are both married, we have to be secret lovers and pretend to be just friends in the presence of our spouse. We belong together. We are longing for each other and would love to get up in each others arms every morning but we believe in fate and god to get us there.

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