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Because of Friends
by Sincere
Yesterday, I told of a story about betrayal. Today I tell a story of not seeing and appreciating what you have. SOmetimes being human can be rather intriguing. YOu just don't seem to know, what is right and what is wrong. YOu just have to make mistakes, yes I mean mistakes before you know that you have done the wrong thing. Likewise, you need to lose what you have before you treasure it. I told my girlfriend many times, not once that when the day we broke up, should it ever occur, it'll be forever. She is one who always think when I did something it must be bad. WHen many of times, all I want is to give her surpise, stating my feeling, telling her I am sad,etc.
WHen her friends make mistake, I must be there to be in frontline to forgive them, way before they open their mouths to apologize. But when I did something wrong, wow!to my girlfriend, its a big deal especially if it has something to do with them. Hence, I must apologize. Does that seems fair to you? No it doens't to me. Today she told me that if I cannot forgive her friends for treating me like a clown or lying to me, she wants to break off. What does her action shows you? From yesterday story I have shedded some light on how she cheated me, today what I told is how she can put her friend way first and not me. Tell me, readers, what is there more for me to stay. I came to look for her today to see whether can I prevent my love for her from draining dry, but it seems what she said just now, aggravates the problem further. For years, when we are together, everytime when we get into arguments with regards to her friends, she will be there to defend them irrespective who is wrong. Well, probably she is right, she cannot and not suitable to be in the relation. So why were we paired up in the first place,is it to remind me of the fact that I have hurt my 1st by leaving her, and to prove to me that my first is the only who can place me first and till this day can love me still.

Friends are important. But if you have decided to be engaged with someone, make sure he/she is the first in your heart as you too would like to be treated in such a way.

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