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From The Heart
by CeKesha Akins
I have been best friends with this guy at my school now for about two years now. He is a senior and I'm only a sophomore so I'm really going to miss him when he goes off to Gallaudet this fall. He is deaf and i learned how to speak fluent sign language just so I could communicate with him and impress him. I never was good at telling someone how i truly felt about them, so i decided to express my feeling in a poem entitled "From The Heart" and here is my story:

There is only one thing I've never told you,
Because I didn't know how you would respond,
I decided to tell you before it was too late,
It's been on my mind way too long,

I know that now we are closer than ever,
And I hope we will be until the end,
But sometime and somehow along this fascinating journey,
I fell in love with my best friend,

I hope that this won't bring harm to our friendship,
Because I would hate to lose you forever,
I cant imagine my life without you now,
You've changed it so much for the better,

You're probably wondering why,
Why I would hook you up with another girl,
I would much rather see you happy,
Than to be miserable being in my world,

You always told me love is sacrifice,
And she was my sacrifice to you,
Yeah, i was jealous and upset sometimes,
But I set my feelings aside because of you,

I've cried and stayed up so many nights,
Wondering if you would ever give me a chance,
Dreaming, pondering, what it would be like,
Our first date, our first kiss, our first dance,

I wish sometimes when i saw you and her together,
That i could just turn back the hands of time,
I tried telling myself U'd rather have a guy who's normal,
But what's really normal? Love is still blind,

I dont't know if you've ever felt anything towards me,
Maybe you like me none, a little, or alot,
It doesn't matter but I wanna let you know,
That you've turned out to be my hip-hop,

Im not really sure about how you feelin this poem,
But I had to finally get this off my chest,
Please don't let this ruin our friendship,
And don't think of me any less,

So I hope that you really enjoy college,
You are going to have a brand new start,
I miss you so much already,
I love you, thats straight from the heart

This poem is dedicated to my best friend Sekoe White. I love you so much and i hope one day you will feel the same.

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