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Believe in Love
by ashu

My love story is completely different. It started off in a very different way.I used to go for tutions for mathemetics. This girl used to come there too. I used to admire her but i never really had any feelings for her because I never spoke to her.Years passed and finally the day had come when we had to get rid of the tutions.We didn't even say a 'HI' or 'BYE' to each other till then.It was all over.I never ever even thought of this girl until.....a very close friend of mine introduced me to her.It was my friends first days in his new college where he made new friends. I was in a different college which was miles away from my home. I came once in 2 months.
My friend wanted me to meet his friends, and coincidentally this girl was also there among them....and more over she was one of the good friends my friend had in his college.Even after this meeting I never really thought of anything. But as my friend was close to her I got to talk to her sometimes and gradually I started talking to her. We started chatting with each other more often,on the internet. Finally I started calling her up and also started going to her house once in a while along with my friend.
Gradually I started realising that she was the kind of girl I always looked for. She was very simple,thoughtful,beautiful,intelligent...etc etc..She had all that I wanted my girl to have.What more!! Even she thought the same way about me.Gradually we started falling in love with each other.
I stay at a Hostel which is miles away from my home.So , we started writing letters to each other and we gave each other number of clues. We were intelligent enough to get the clues.The next time when I came home...the big thing had taken place.We proposed each other.It was a very unfamiliar way of proposal.Actually...both of us were afraid of rejection and never really told that we love each other directly. The same friend of mine who intoduced me to her knew that I was immensely in love with her. So he went and told her the same.And she told him that she loves me too.My friend immidiately came to me and told me everything.I had to call her up the same evening.When I called her up, I couldn't open my mouth. But finally I told her that I Love her. She told me the same and since that day till now we are still the same old love birds. We love each other a lot.We had little problems , but our love is so strong that we managed to find solutions for each of them by being together always. I hope that our love for each other continues to be the same...forever!!One thing is for matter what ,theres somewhere someone made for all of us.
Finally my dreams have come true.If she comes across this page,I would love to tell her that I love her a lot.

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