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Changing fate with a click of a keyboard...
by Carol
If you told me a year ago that I would be sitting here writing a love story for the world to see, I would have been staring at you in disbelief. I learned a few things this past year: Love sometimes does not come like a lightening bolt or as “instant” as microwave popcorn. I believe love is always there (in front of our faces) but we are too blind to see it in its pure form. How ‘action or non-action’, ‘words (kind or unkind)’, or heartfelt feelings (good or bad) can easily change your destiny or fate. Well, here is my story. I was going through a breakup of a 10-year relationship, when I met David. I found consolation by joining pen pal service to send e-mails. I was trying to find myself, who I was. You see, I was always a person who always played it safe in life. This was true in every area of my life especially with my relationships. I would never go into a bar to meet people; but through work or blind dates, it is probably the reason why I stayed in the 10-year relationship. I said to myself: how was I going to meet the person who was truly for me if I stay in the safe zone? So on June 10, I decided join a dating service. First day, I remember having trouble with my dating profile, which posted, “looking for friendship just to chat”. It would not post the whole profile just half and I found my self upset…thinking that maybe that this was just a sign that maybe I should not join. I was about to delete myself out of the dating service when the next day I started to receive emails from potential matches. I met David. He was from the UK, and going through bitter and messy divorce and was looking for the same. The fact that we were just looking for friendship, made it so easy to write to David and that is how our relationship started…just friends. There were other match potentials but decided to write only to David, I think at first it was because I felt “at home” with him. Moreover, like the usual friend routine we were getting to know each other, asking about our likes and dislikes. We found that we like the same things and our love for music, history and poetry. As our relationship, progress so did our flirting.
Unknowingly to us, we were flirting to each other when we used to banter and rile each other…going back and forth, about who really should have won the Revolutionary War turned increasingly into a playful sexy repartee. Of course, we did so with laughter and mirth … David has such a sense of humor and can be quick witted. I knew my feelings started to change when once he phoned me because he was upset when his ex phoned him unexpectedly regarding the divorce proceedings. Inside I would get jealous but always put it aside that we are just friends. I was not the only one that was starting to have feelings…I suspect my friend was starting to like me…because he sent me a card “For you, for your friendship…thinking of you.” As the months progressed, so did our friendship, we grew so close that we found that one hour turned into hours talking to each other about anything (and yes, about men and women and sex)… we could not get enough. We exchanged phone numbers, and addresses. He was the sweetest person I had every known. For example, he sent me flowers once because he and I broken a molar wanted me to feel better. However, we still regarded each other as friends until a jealous incident that changed all of that. I was showing a relative how I met David, and wanted to bring up his profile. When I noticed that he was just recently going on the dating service, and posted a picture of himself. The same picture that he sent me. Irrationally I was upset. Why was he still looking, I asked myself. Therefore, the next day at work, during lunch I wrote a very strong e-mail telling that he had been “playing with my feelings” and that I did not want to hear from him again. Do you know that this man would not stop writing an e-mail every five minutes… begging me to talk to him and it was here he told me how much I meant to him. I think it was when I received maybe the 10th e-mail that it hit me that this man really loved me. It was after this that I knew that he was the one for me and that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with this man. And that, folks, was the beginnings of a wonderful relationship. In October, we did finally meet and although we were nervous and frighten at first, we fall in love. To hear this man tell my parents how wonderful he thought I was, it moved my heart. No man I have every known has ever done such a thing. I totally surrendered my heart to his love and our love for each other has been growing and changing ever since. We plan to marry in November 2002. Whether it is a song we sing or a poem written to each other, to be in love with your best friend, is the best feeling in the world. Oh, by the way, I asked David how did he find me out of all those matches. He said there was a link to the US site, and out of curiosity, he clicked on it. That day they were featuring all new members, when he saw my profile name and like the sound of my name, he decided to say what the heck and give it try. Just imagine if I deleted my profile, I would not be writing this love story today.

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