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Ocean's Dream
by Tanya Steeves
‘Tis a lovely evening for a moonlit stroll, she thought to herself as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Slowly running a hairbrush through her hair, she turned towards the window that lay open. The cool night’s breeze was blowing the sheer fabric that separated her from the darkness of the night that lay beyond the house. She returned the hairbrush to it’s place on the dressing table, floated across the room to the window, and pushed aside the sheer white curtain that covered it. She gazed longingly at the sand and surf from her window. The ocean's waves called invitingly to her as she watched the stars dance across the night's sky. She leaned forward and breathed in the night air. It was decided. She made her way quietly down through the sleeping house and out the door.

Almost immediately, the salty night air filled her lungs and she smiled at the wonder and great peace she felt at that moment. The ocean breeze tickled her young face and danced in her long, flowing hair of gold. Dressed in her long white cotton nightdress, she made her way, barefoot away from the house and down the beach's sands towards the water's edge.

She felt free and childlike, innocent and so playful. When she reached the water's edge, she stood and let the ocean lap at her feet as it weaved back and forth across the sands. This is where she wished to be all of her days on this earth. To be here and part of the night, part of the ocean, part of the winds, part of the sands.

Her imagination consumed her and suddenly she became part of all she desired to be. No longer the plain young woman she saw herself to be; she set off down the beach's sands towards the great unknown that lay ahead in the night. Slowly drinking in the wonderful sights all around her; the night seemed to swallow her up in its vastness and sheltering darkness. With nothing but the moon's light and the twinkling of the star filled sky to guide her, she floated on down the beach reaching upward to feel the cool night's breeze on her body.

Suddenly she found herself twirling about as she had done many times as a child. Arms upraised and head tilted towards the sky, she felt herself letting go of all that might have held her back from such a display. It felt so deliciously good to be free and to dance about without a care. As she spun about, the cool breeze whipped through her hair and she felt almost maddened by the great sense of liberty she had found in this midnight excursion.

Closing her eyes, she envisioned herself twirling into the arms of a lover. Such a lover as she had never known. With his strong loving arms wrapped around her, she looked once more to the ocean's waters as they two stood at the edge of forever savoring this beautiful moment.

Breaking the mystifying spell that the moonlit waters held them in, she tilted her face to look into the passionate eyes of her lover. She felt she could drown in the oceans of blue that were his eyes. She held tightly to his arms that were wrapped around her waist; and breathed a peaceful sigh that she was truly here and loving this man in the moon’s glow. She watched his eyes dance over the ocean's waves, watched him soaking up the beauty and magic that was the night. Reaching up briefly to let her fingers trace the strong line of his handsome face, she watched as the evening’s breeze caught his dark hair. It seemed almost as though the darkness of his hair had blended with the blackness of the night. She could feel his deep breathing and the warmth of his body pressed against hers. Feeling at complete peace she let her own eyes follow his gaze.

As the waters rippled and the waves gently lapped at the feet of these two dream-filled creatures; they watched the reflected ballet that the stars danced out over the ocean and the midnight sky. Then the dance once more filled her body and she turned to her love and with her eyes alone asked for the next dance in his arms.

He saw such passion and desire in her eyes as they slowly waltzed along the water’s edge. Her emerald eyes caught his loving gaze and locked with his as they held each other in this ocean waltz. There would never be another woman in this existence to bring him such passion and joy. He watched the ocean breeze lightly whisper through her golden hair, and gently reached to run his fingers through her honey colored locks. The moon’s twinkle in her lovely eyes was nearly too much for him to bear. He gathered her ever more tightly in his arms and vowed he would never be far from her heart.

As his eyes swept the ocean’s waters and the sandy path they trod together, he caught a glimpse of an intriguing object in the sand near his feet. He bent to pick up the long abandoned home of a starfish and offered it to his golden angel of the eve. As he gazed into her deep and passionate eyes, he told of how the star had fallen to earth from the heavens to be nearer such beauty, as the heavens could never possess. So he now offered her this fallen gift from the heavens as a symbol of this night and the endless love they shared. Placing the gift in the delicate hands of his precious love, they danced on to love’s most beautiful symphony.

As the melody the two lovers waltzed to wore on into the night, the dance never ended only transformed itself into various movements that complimented each to the other. Hand in hand and soul to soul, these two beautiful creatures of the eve trod on through the night and further along the sands. Their time to part was nearing and both reluctantly let the sobering thought slowly trickle into their minds.

As they stopped once more to melt into each other’s arms, they once again made their silent promise of forever in the other’s eyes. Knowing she must soon leave her love there where the ocean meets the sands, she pleaded with his eyes to perhaps find some way to keep they two together for all time. Yet his wise eyes told her what her heart had already heard many a time from those mesmerizing eyes of blue. There he would remain ever searching for her heart, calling to her with the voice of the ocean’s night breeze. Here is where he stays until next she returns to fill his heart and his arms with her love.

Pulling her ever closer to him he tenderly kisses her goodnight. Lost in the magic of this kiss and his strong embrace, she closes her eyes and imagines being locked in this very moment forever. Suddenly she realizes that she is in fact locked in this moment with her lover forever. She never truly leaves this moment here at the water’s edge. It is carried with her throughout her existence. Perhaps it has remained there unbeknownst to her until this very moment of revelation. Where she finally comes to realize this love will never end nor be parted from her heart.

As their sweet lips part, they once more gaze longingly into each other’s passionate eyes. Locked there for an instant they bid one another goodnight. She slowly begins to move away from her lover. Leaving once again her promise in his eyes. Turning away at the water’s edge, she begins her solitary stroll back through the starry night. Retracing love’s steps along the beach where the ocean meets the sands, she stops briefly to look once more to the gift of the fallen night’s star in her hands. Breathing deeply of the night air, she closed her eyes and tossed the star into the ocean’s waves. Let the sky take back its lost star, for she had no need of lost gifts. Her lover’s gift remained ever-present within her heart. Never once did she look behind, for she knew that her lover waited there for her in the ocean’s dream.

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