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Chad & Tiffany A Match Made Online
by Tiffany
I guess its true what they really do find someone when you're not looking or expecting it. Or in my case...when you don't want it. It all started back at the beginning of September when I'd been searching through the AOL member directory for someone in CA to chat with...since most of the people I talked to were out of state. I came across Chad's profile and took interest in it because his occupation field was filled in as him being a U.S. Marine. At the time, I had been trying to get over a relationship with a Marine that didn't go as well as I had hoped it would...but during the relationship I did gather a knowledge for the Corps. In all, he sounded like an interesting person to talk with and I gave it a shot to I.M. him. We hit it off fairly well and after a few conversations online we began talking on the phone often, which I always looked forward to. My first impression of him was he seemed to be everything he claimed to be...but I had yet to truly believe it. Over time I began to become attached to talking to him and considered him to be one of the most openminded people I'd ever met online.

I guess it never crossed my mind that he had every quality that I ever liked in a guy until around January of '02. There'd already been talk about meeting before, but timing and schedules clashed...until March of this year. :) He and I were both becoming impatient in wanting to meet up but I was trying to time it so I could accomplish more by visiting southern CA rather than him coming to visit me. So March 20th, 2002 my friend Amber and I traveled down on a 7 1/2 hour drive to Oceanside, CA! :) I'd been to Oceanside plenty of times before, but for different reasons...having only went once with the purpose to meet someone before. The first couple of days there I met other online friends, hung out at the beach, went to the mall, walked around town, did lil' things that I love so much about being on vacation...and on Friday March 22nd, Chad came to visit. :)

I'll say it, I was NOT nervous at all...honestly. I don't know exactly why but I just didn't feel afraid of Chad...there wasn't any reason to be the way I saw it. My feelings really showed no fear when I opened the door and gave him a big kiss...LOL its not like me to do that...but he and I had this whole thing going where we had planned to do that...and I basically didn't feel that I could follow through with it. HA! I had yet to really see that he looks a lot cuter in person than in his pictures. I'm so serious...I was thinking, "HE'S HOT!!!" :)~ OK ok, so yeah...he soared way beyond my appearence standards- but everyone knows that looks are really not EVERYTHING. I had yet to see if he really was who he claimed to be and seemed to be on the phone. This didn't take long at all...he's way down to earth, funny, friendly, and pretty outgoing as well (Yeah I could go on forever)! :) I'd never felt so comfortable with being around someone in such a short amount of time.

Spending the weekend with him was just so incredible...he is all I could ever hope for...and then even more than I ever could expect. The most difficult thing was when it was time to leave...the last night I just didn't want to fall asleep because I knew it'd be my last night with him for awhile...and the last day there (March 24th) I was just trying to absorb all the memories and everything about him right up until the last kiss goodbye. My heart just melted when he gave me one of his shirts and sprayed colonge on it to take home with me so when I miss him I'll have it. I LOVE the way he smells! :)~ now that I'm home I of course have consulted the shirt when I start to miss him.

I still can't believe how much I adore him...and when I thought I didn't want a relationship for a long just came together perfectly. To be honest, I never had any idea that by searching through some silly directory online I'd find the guy of my dreams...*Shrugs* but I'm glad I did...and I'll never regret having met him because I wouldn't trade the overwhelming feeling of happiness I have right now for anything in this world. ;) The distance doesn't bother me as much because I just know that for every day I'm not with him, the time we spend together will be all the more worth it. :)

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