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First Time
by Speciallady
She sat cuddled close to him with his arm wrapped around her shoulder and her hand resting on his thigh. Occasionally she would move her hand toward his inner leg testing and watching his response. That action was short lived, as his response was almost immediate, with a bulge appearing. All he would do is offer a low growl and give her one of “those” looks.

Once they reached their destination, he turned off the car and moved the front seat back. Turning and facing her, he captured her glowing face between his hands and gently kissed her lips. She responded by lightly running her tongue against his pressing lips, which suddenly open and allow her to explore the dark recesses. The kisses start to intensify as she lightly touches his cheek. This exchange continues for a while until they come up for air.

As she looks at his face, she sees his dark eyes dancing and hears his voice whisper, “Girl what you do to me.” She feels her insides trembling and responding to the situation unfolding in the close confine of the car. Her budding curiosity is urging her to see what comes next but her Catholic roots and young girl uncertainty is cautioning me against it.

As if he can read her turmoil, he smiles as he touches her cheek and reassures her, “I won’t push you my dear one. Do what you feel comfortable with.” He gives her a smile and leans to kiss her face.

“James, I am scared… part of me wants you to hold and touch me… I want to lay with you…” she nervously says and bites her lower lip. “Can we… is there a way that we can do that without…” The sound of his laugh cuts off her stumbling words and he pulls her close against his chest.

“Marie, there are so many feelings swirling about inside us right now. I know that I want to share what I am feeling about you but I must admit I am not quite sure how or what… and I don’t want to…”

She kisses him with her awakening passion and lightly touches his chest. “James, can’t we just kiss and see what happens from there. We can always stop if things get a little too fast… can’t we?” He just gives her a look that says we can try.

At first the touches were light and teasing but as things proceeded they changed to exploring and stirring. The kisses followed suit. As she reached for the buttons on his shirt his eyes questioned her actions. “I want to touch you and not your shirt, is that alright with you.” She nervously asked. His response was a nod of his head.

He caught his breath as she lightly ran her fingertips across his chest and closed his eyes. Having found a sudden burst of courage she lowered her lips and lightly kissed his bare chest, which caused him to moan. Being pleased with that response she repeated the kiss on his throat.

In spite of the pleasure and stirrings these actions caused, a sudden fear over took him. He wasn’t certain that if things progressed he would be able to keep his promise about not pushing. He gently takes her face in his hands and lifts it so they are eye to eye, “Marie, are you aware of what you are doing to me?”

“Yes, I am trying to please you.”

“That you do but I am not sure you are ready for what could happen next. You are venturing into something you aren’t ready for… for that matter I am not so sure that I am. Marie, I so want to share that experience of your becoming a woman, but I don’t think that we are ready for it. You are growing into a beautiful young woman and I would be proud to have a part of that transformation, but…”

She lightly touches his cheek and nod, “ you are right as usual, my James. It is just that I feel safe and know that you would never hurt me.”

“Yes but I am not sure if things go much further right now that I could or would want to stop. I can’t take the chance with this special gift of you,” he softly spoke as he drew her against him.

There are thoughtful moments – a moment of safety secure in each other’s embrace. Finally, he breaks the quiet, “Marie, I want you to know you have become very special to me. Please don’t take my saying no to you as rejection. You are a beautiful and very desirable young woman. I’m having a very hard time keeping my hands off you. I think we need to go for a walk.”

As they leave the car. The DJ announces the next tune “I want to be Free” by the Monkeys. “James dance with me!” he feels her breath against his neck – her soft lips press against his neck. He hears her humming the melody. Her hands leave their place around his neck. He feels them slide down his arms applying gentle pressure until they have grasp his hands guiding them downward until they rest on her bottom. Her arms return to embrace his neck. Their eyes meet. She softly sings the words to him: “I want to be free. Don’t say you like me. Say you love me. Stay close enough to guide me…”

Her eyes are searching his. Looking for answers to her pleas. The answer comes freely without hesitation. It is an unmistakable whisper meant only for her to hear, “I love you.” And, whispered yet once again to ensure there be no doubt, “ Yes, Marie I do love you.”

He feels her young body move so close to his that they are as one. He becomes aware of the heat of her growing young passion against his own straining member. Her arms tighten around his neck pulling his mouth hungrily to her, as if to consume the words that seem to have flamed her desire. A desire expressed by the sound of wanton urgency suppressed only by the passion in their kiss.

He is vaguely aware of her weight pulling them downward onto the sand. Cautiously at first he feels her hands moving over him. Grasping then releasing his arm. Then stroking his back then his side coming to rest on that soft place just between his ribs and hipbone. Again there is that grasping and releasing, as if she were kneading dough. There is a moment of pause…no he senses that it’s hesitation.

Then movement again. He feels her touch on his arm. She gives a gentle reassuring squeeze. Her hand is caressing his arm, tentatively grasping his hand. Now her touch is different he feels the assertiveness in her grasp. Her words leave no doubt in his mind, “I’m yours my darling. I want you to touch me! Touch me James!!”

Her movement is decisive and purposeful. She clasps his hand to her breast. “Rest assured my love he would not soon leave this wondrous treasure.” He promises as he caresses. As if relieved she releases her breath in a low moan and return his hand from whence it came - To regain courage? Perhaps?

Encouraged anew by his probing tongue and firm caresses, there is movement. He feels her fingers deftly working the buttons on his shirt. Satisfied that he will not resist she begin taking liberties with his chest. Not to be out done, he frees her blouse from her jeans. He finds the feel of the lace on her bra - an inviting hindrance. As he cups her breast in his hand there is only the filmy lace separating their flesh. He is aware of their fullness straining to be free. Teasing he caresses the flesh not covered by lace. The feel of his fingers on her bare skin causes her to catch her breath.

He feels her press against his fingers. She lets his hand follow the hem of her bra caressing bare skin as he moves to her back where there is promise of freedom. Her breathing changes punctuated by short gasps in anticipation of what may or will occur next. As his fingers work the fasteners, she expresses her impatient encouragement, “Yes, James!!!”

At last they are free. He feels the heat from her breast against his bare chest. They are holding each other savoring the contact. They exchanged a deep kiss. The kind of kiss that in and of itself brings every physical sense to new heights of excitement.

Her young passion now awakened, she vocalizes her pleasure. Her body is reacting to his closeness…virginity is saved only by the material separating the core of their desire. Gently he pushes her onto her back. His hand – caressing, stroking, and teasing, replaces his chest. “Marie”, he whispers, “You are so beautiful. I want to…” “Oh James, I’m so happy.” OOOh Ja…” His name is cut short as his mouth adds a new sensation for her to deal with. He kisses her oh so gently, knowing from her movement that she is very near the apex of her passion. Sensing her impending release his tongue flicks at her now erect nipple. She gasps as his lips encircle it and draw her into his warm moist mouth.

Amidst the flood of sensations coursing through her, she urges their bodies closer. As she pulls him to her, she opens her legs to cradle him against her. Once he is there she wraps her legs over his as if to hold him there. Soon their bodies are moving in unison to the passion consuming them.

“James, I want you…” she breathlessly spoke in his ear as she slipped her hands beneath the jeans covering his tight butt.

His mind started to whirl as he became aware of what she was doing/asking. Raising himself up on his arms, he looked deep in her sparkling blue eyes, “ Are you certain you know what you are asking?” his hormonally charge voice ask. She returned his gaze and nodded as she moved against his lower body.

As though he was frozen in that position he could do nothing but study her glowing features, looking for some bit of doubt reflected on her face. What he saw on her face was the passion consuming her with the fire of an emerging young woman that he had been chosen to share. Again he asked her if she was sure. Her answer was her hands reaching to undo his belt and start to slid his jeans off his hips.


With that single word the last of his resolve disappeared. He lowered his face to hers and captured her mouth with his. Their tongues danced within the dark recessed of their mouths, fanning the flames of their mutual longings.

In a matter of minutes, their clothes were discarded and the most intimate of dances began, with their hands caressing, exploring and urging the other on. As he positioned himself to claim her most precious of gifts he paused. Looking deep into her dark blue eyes he searched for any doubt but found none.

“My dear one, I love you,” he gently said as he entered her. He stopped as she stiffened at the pain. He leaned down and kissed her forehead saying, “I am sorry…” and started to withdraw, but she wrapped her legs about his hips and drew him deeper. Slowly she started to move beneath him.

“Don’t stop. I want you to complete me, my James. and smiled up at him.

He slowly started moving in unison with her. Soon their bodies were consumed in the passion as a joint orgasm washed over them.

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