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Thank God I found you
by Alexandro
Thank god I found you ! …

… I have a long and hard road , looking for you .The road twisted and returned . The thorns along the way left deep cuts in my heart . I looked for love but found nothing but grief and heartache . Then , finally I found you . When your eyes met mine , all of my past injures were healed . Now , when I travel that road again , the world looks bright , and roses bloom in places of the thorns , because of your love to me …
Baby , I need someone to make my stars shine , to make the rainy days stop and dry . I need someone to make me smile , someone who will cheer me up . I need someone who will give me a hand when I’m feeling down . I need someone who will support me and give me faith to believe in this world . I need someone who will care , someone who will share , someone who will always be there . I need someone who will comfort me , someone who will lift me up and hold my hand through nightime , noon and dawn . Finally , I have found all that I need , all that I dream and desire for in you .
I need you , baby ! I really do .
You are the apple of my eye , you put a smile in my heart and give me peace of mind .
… Looking back , I tasted heaven the day we met . And when we touched , you sent me flying , dancing on the clouds while the stars sent down some loving light to shine upon us . And know I own heaven and the stars . It ‘s all mine when I look into your eyes and see heaven reflected there .
You took me to a distant place where only you and I existed . Yes , I own heaven and the stars and the magnificent springtime blossom as long as you are still a part of my life …
… The first time I saw your smile , I know something had changed inside me forever ! I knew that I’d do anything and everything to keep this smile on your face . I knew at the first that you are the reason I breathe each and everyday . I never want a single day to pass without having you near , without the warm feelings of your hand in mine …
The time we’ve spent together so far have been the best days of my life . I find myself so lucky and happy now that you have walked into my life , and my heart and have covered it with your love and care .
Thank God I found you ….. !
… Baby , today is our day . I want us to celebrate all the happy weekends we’ve spent together . I want us to celebrate the time we’ve shared . I want to celebrate because we’ve fund each other , and because we have our own song . I want to celebrate the nights we snuggled in bed and the mornings we awoke in each other’arms . I want to celebrate all the hugs , the smiles , the kisses , the tears and the pains we’ve tasted . I want to celebrate today , because we’re together , and I want to celebrate tomorrow , because I look forward to the days ahead with a wonderful partner like you . When the sunrises , I’ll be there to share my life with you . When the sun sets , I’ll be right there , close to you . I’ll hold you tight and whisper how much I love you . I’ll love you every season . I’ll love you with tears , with happiness , with sadness and with smiles . I’ll love you and I won’t need a reason . I don’t know why but I love you …!

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