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You never no what you have till it's gone
by Kaz
I met Conner through my best mate Lee. It was not love at first sight but the feeling i had the first time our eyes met was different to any thing i had felt before! It may sound corny but bare with me! After Lee had introduced us at the local pub i bribed Lee with a fiver to leave us alone for half an hour so i could get to know Conner better.I even remember the first nervous conversation we had!I think it was about his shirt because i had complimented him on it, and we spent the next 15 miniutes talking about a shirt!Lee invited us to go sledging the next day so i jumped at the chance to see Conner again and tried to act casual about it but i could not hide my excitment. The next day Conner looked gorgous with his dark hair and bright blue eyes,even wearing his scruffiest clothes he looked fit.I remember all the flirting such as me pretending to slip on the snow & falling in to you. Than you started to flirt back which made me really happy, even though your idea of flirting was throwing snow in my face!

The day ended & we got each others number.We carried on from there it felt as if we had known each other for ages!The day you asked me out was the happiest day of my life.We were together for 6 months & i had never been happier.The worst day of my life was when you had to move to America(Newyork) to succeed in your career.The worst thing was you did not tell me untill the week before.I thought about staying mad but it was my last week with being able to see you everyday soi quickly made up with you.That week i wanted it to go as slow as possible but as usall it went fast.That was the first week with you that was my unhappiest.I could not even say goodbye without blubbering all over you! I knew a long distance relationship would never work out.I was right we decided to split up after 2 montnhs of hard work.I could not handle not being able to see you everyday and it got me down.I think what we did was for the best and i just want you to no that i will always love you no matter what.

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