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Never too late
by Sweetdream
M.T and I were first love. We met 5 years ago, I guess it was also love at the first sight. Compare to the other people, I guess my first love came a bit late, I was 23 years old. No one ever caught my attention like M.T, when I first saw him, immediately, I felt like I found my long lost soulmate. We were walking toward the same classroom, surprisingly, we're in the same class. (Our last year at University)I can't help the rapid beat of my heart, for the entire class, we're just sitting across the room looking at each other and smile. Thanks to his friend...we're picking our own groups to do a project, I guess his friend caught us staring, so purposely came up to me and one of my friend to ask us to be in their group...and that's how it all begin! We start to talk alot, he used to call me and ask me about the assignment, then we go on to talk for hours on the phone. He offer to drive me to work and school almost everyday! After 3 months, we officially start "dating". After our final University year was over, he propsed to me on the same night of our graduation which was also my 24th birthday. It's already 5 years now...we just had our anniversary...We have one beautiful boy and one girl...He still does little stupid things just to make me smile, and for every little things that he doesn, he still drive me more deeply in love with him. He told me that he promise to make me the second most happiest person in the world, I asked him,why not the first happiest person? He told me, because he, himself is the most happiest person in world, because he married the best thing that he could ever had already!

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