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Union Station Tragedy
by Tiffany
In December of 2001, my mother thought I needed some personal ads online since I had not had a date in 9 months. My mother was even answering ads for me. To get her off my case I answered a few ads on the AOL personals, and I got a reply from one of the ads I answered. This guy, Sean, said I sounded very nice, and he told me I was pretty, and he was really sweet. He was wanting to talk to me on the phone but the next day I was leaving for New Jersey, and I would be gone for a week. Sean told me that it would be the longest week of his life. Well, my best friend Jennifer was engaged, she needed me to try on my Maid-of-Honor gown, that is why I was going to New Jersey. Well, I took a train out of Union Station since I live in Southern Maryland to Penn Station in Philadelphia. I then had to take a train to the Lindenwold station in New Jersey, by the time I got to Jennifer's house it was 11 p.m. The next morning her mom was throwing up blood and had to be rushed to the emergency room, which meant I had to come back home that day. Well, I had talked to my mother and she told me that my brother would pick me up at union station. Well, when I got to union station my brother was nowhere to be found, so I called my mom. My mom told me my brother's brakes had gone out on his car and it was now in the shop. She told me she sent a guy she'd been chatting with online on my behalf for to come pick me up, so she told me to go wait at the Taxi-pick-up area, so I did. This guy, Alex, evidentally got in a accident on his way to the station and was having his car towed home. By this time I was getting really worried, so I called my mom back. She told to call her back in 10 minutes. When I called her back she told me that Sean had gotten online and she asked him to pick me up. His mother wouldn't be back with his car until 6:00 and he was 45 minutes away, so he would be there between 6:45 and 7:00. So I waited for him in the McDonalds at Union Station. I was so relieved when he got there. He was so much cuter than his picture. We talked the entire way back to my house and I asked him if he wanted to go see a movie after we got done dropping my stuff off at my house, he said he would like that. So we dropped my stuff off and let my mother know I was ok, then Sean and I went to Wal-Mart, where my dad works part-time so I could get some money from him and so he could meet Sean. After that, Sean and I went to see Oceans 11. We had a wonderful time, and we've been head-over-heels in love with each other ever since. He didn't kiss me until our 3rd date, that was also the day he told me he loved me, it was Christmas Day. We celebrated our 2 month anniversary on Febuary 21st, our love is so strong and passionate that I would never fathom anything like this could ever happen outside of a movie, but it did.

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