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Always & Forever
by Lindsey
My best friend Erica started hanging out with some new guys. One day our new friend Kevin picked me and erica up, and he brought along his friend Matt. First impression of Matt, extremely cute and friendly. WE instantly hit it off as best friends, but that was it. We CLICKED as best friends, it felt like we knew each other forever, we talked on the phone every night for hours and hours, it became a tradition. We had no true feelings for each other though, more than friends i mean. I kept trying to play matchmaker with my friends and him, but it never ended up working out and all ended in disaster. He had one friend Josh, who everyone knew had feelings for me. Im not one to get guys, im the big tomboy who is all the guys' friends but thats it. So when i heard that this guy Josh was going to ask me out, and that he REALLY liked me, i was beyond excited. He was the guy that all my friends liked, and my friends always get the guy usually, so they were all supportive on this. Anyways, still at the same time me and Matt were still awesome friends, and my school dance was coming up. He wanted to go really bad, so since we were such good friends i asked him to go. The couple months that we knew each other, we were the best of friends, but we started flirting, and nonstop cuddling. but nothing more. We kept playing little games where me and him would have to kiss, but i always refused. Finally at a sleepover with my best friend Gina, she made me realize at 3 in the morning, that i liked matt. well no, she made me realize i was IN LOVE with matt. I was crushed because i thought this was going to ruin our friendship, and worst of all, i was going to be crushed now, because he came to me all the time with girl problems,etc. It would kill me to hear about him and other girls now! Well the next day, me, my friend Gina, and Kevin were all hanging out at matts house. Before we went over there, i told kevin to tell Matt, i didnt want to go to my dance anymore, the one he so badly wanted to go to. I thought it would kill me to be on a "date" with him, knowing that we were going just as friends, and it was going to end that way. When we got to Matts house, he wasnt the same. He didnt greet me the usual way, hardly talked, not his usual outgoing self. When we all got ready to leave, we were outside hanging out, and kevin informed me that matt was really upset and wanted to go with me still, and yes he did find out that i had major feelings for him. But matts the one to confront me with everything, so why was Kevin talking to me instead? My feelings for matt already were ruining our friendship. I drove home that night crying horribly knowing that our friendship was ruined. As soon as i got in the door, the phone was ringing and it was Matt. He didnt say hi or anything, he just said, "i want to go to your dance, i know u like me that doesnt matter, nothing is going to change, we are going together". Now thats the matt i know. I was happy to know we were back to our comfortable state. As usual, we talked for hours normally, except for the occasional jokes about me liking him, which just shows how close we were, if we were able to TALK about me liking him that easy with no arkwardness. Now i decided i should get back to thinking about Josh, maybe a different guy would get my mind off of Matt. I was always there for matt during his girl problems, and he was always there for me to talk about guys, but now he didnt like me talking about Josh. I kept asking as a best friend, if he thought i should say yes the next time isee Josh or no. He said i dont care, i dont know. I shrugged it off, thinking nothing about his change of attitude. We went to my dance, we danced liked crazy, it was the best time of mylife. We went out to eat afterwards, and we were our flirty selves. We went back to my friends house and watched a movie with everyone, me and him were laying on each other like our cuddly selves. Nothing had changed. Not until, matt called my name, distracted me from the movie, and kissed me.Our first kiss. My First kiss ever. It was so perfect. I walked him out and we kissed again. We went to the mall the next day, and kissed again. We kissed that night. It is two years later, and we still kiss everyday. And he is still my best friend,but i dont call him my best friend, i call him my fiance.

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