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My Love
by Rachel.R
I met the guy of my dreams about 2 years ago I new that it was going to be my first love in my life couse I never felt this way about anyone before. When I looked at him I seen his big beutiful blue eyes. Well that what cought me first was his eyes they are so pretty. But the felling that I got when I seen him or was around him was just unbelivible. I never in my life felt this way before until I met him. I got buterflys in my stomach, and my heart would skip a beat, I got shotend of breath. To me that was like a gift from GOD I wish every woman could fell that way I did when I found my first love. We started talking and stuff he was really fun to hang out with, he always made me laugh even if I was down, thats one of the things that made me like him so much. I had boyfriends before but they never made me fell like this. I love my boyfriend so much, he makes me the happest woman in the world by the way he treats me. The thing I like the most is when he can always bring me up when I'm having the worst day of my life thats what I love the most about my boyfriend. We cliked right way he took me to the movies, out to eat, to the beach, and a hole lot of other places. He is my first love and I love him so much. We might even get married next year. He had a little 2 year old boy when we first met him little boy love me so much to. We also have a little girl that is 10 months old right now. I can tell you this I love all of them so very much they are also so peracuse to me. But all of this stuff in this story is why I say I met My first true love.
( I hope that every one in this world can find there true love and live there lifes happly every after just like me!.)

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