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A princess and a knight
by Raiyah
Once upon a time...
on a day like anyother day..
A person unlike anyother person...came into my life and changed it like it was never before.

I`m always Sentiment. I always believe the heart should come first. But i grew up facing situations where the heart was never counted. But yet i believed in Fairy-tales....but i never expected a just happened.

The early days of April, were very Traumatic. I had faced two deaths in my family, both which were only a week apart!
I knew then, my life couldnt get any worse.
I decided to take a break from all of the pains and sorrows from my life. I wanted to pretend to be happy,just so that i could live easily,and make my family and friends know that i was going to make it, but it never worked. So many nights i stood awake crying....i was lonely, afraid and sad.
Until, i met A ( i wish to keep him anonymous)
There are definately no reasons to give of to why i liked him? he was different, but arent alot of people? But there was a feeling deep within my heart, that really liked him.
With him, i somehow became a different person. I always forgot about my problems my worries when i was around him.I was happy.
We both have quite an age difference, but yet i always seem to understand the things he faces, as if he were my age. We joke around alot, make fun and talk about almost everything. It had been a long time since my heart took over and started to smile again....but it wasnt because i was getting over the past, but because of him.....

Hes my knight in shinning armour, he saved me. Not physically, but definately spritually.
My lonely heart beats had found him to beat for, i guess thats when i realized, this is something new...not a ordinary feeliing, but something that comes once in a life time....Love.
I always believed in this thing called 'love', but i never expected it to come into my life, especially from someone my famliy never knew existed!
He is my first love, and is always gonna be my last. My love story with him evolves everyday of the second....

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